Interview Tips!

Destiny Blatchley

Before the Interview

  • Research where the company is
  • Plan your time accordingly-5 to 10 minutes early is best-NEVER be late.
  • Dress properly
  • Practice questions and answers
  • Shake hands when introducing yourself
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Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare for a Job Interview

During the Interview

  • Be honest
  • Make eye contact
  • Do not fidget or mess with things
  • Be polite
  • Take a few seconds to respond to the questions
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5 Common Questions and Answers

  • Tell me about yourself- give a characteristic and an example to go with it, and do not give away personal life information
  • Why should we hire you- give information and job skills that relate to your job position
  • What do you know about us- make sure to research the company before
  • Why do you want to work here- don't just say you want money, say certain skills you'd like to obtain in the position you are applying for
  • Tell us about your previous job- don't bash on your previous employer, be modest and honest
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After the Interview

  • Shake hands
  • Thank them for their time
  • Send a thank you letter or email
  • Call after about 5 days, to see if someone has had a chance to view your application
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How to follow up a job interview

Dress for the Interview

Both- Dress one step above the job-NO JEANS!

Men- suits, nice pants, don't overload aftershave/cologne

Women- Nice shirt and pants, appropriate skirts/dresses, don't overload makeup/jewelry

Interview DONT'S

  • Chew Gum
  • Swear
  • Be rude
  • Fidget
  • Mess with things
  • Bring your phone in
  • Get there too early or be late
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