Mrs. Park's Classroom Connection


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What we are learning

Math: Multiplication and Division

Reading: Beginning non-fiction. How to use a non-fiction text and its features (table of contents, headings, index, etc.) to do research and find answers.

Writing: Finishing Fables and Beginning Research Projects. We will be using as a search engine.

Sinking fund renewal--important information

  • This WILL NOT increase taxes…just renew current.
  • Election is May 3, 2016.
  • Sinking Fund is used for remodeling, repairs, and/or construction of buildings and sites.
  • $761,353.00 (approximate)...estimated revenue the school district will collect if the millage is approved.
  • This money is NOT used for teacher, administrator, or employee salaries.
  • If not renewed, only source of funding for building repairs will be the general fund. This is the fund that impacts our students directly.

Coming attractions

  • March 15 @ 7:15 Music Concert PLEASE HAVE STUDENTS HERE AT 7:00
  • March 16--late start
  • March 23--Field Trip

Field trip-March 23rd

Students will need to bring a lunch with their name on it please. Also a drink. If all of the stuff is disposable it will make things easier for everyone.

The bus leaves at 8:45. Please make sure your child is at school on time.
Chaperones: Thank you for volunteering!! Please check in with me that morning and I'll give you the details and your group assignment.

Orff Concerts

Please mark the Hyatt Orff Concerts on your calendar. Concerts are scheduled the evenings of:

March 14th (6:00 pm Tibbitts & Tokarsky and 7:15 pm Acox & Johnson)

15th (11:30 am Gecele & Peake; 6:00 pm Guy & Joslin and 7:15 pm Park, Rueckert, Worrell); 17th (6:00 pm Bush, LaFond, Strong and 7:15 pm Hoffman, Schultz, Smith).

Our students have been diligently rehearsing for their concert! Please don’t miss this important event.

art to remember

Art to remember was sent home last Wednesday. All orders will be due March 21st, 2016

Approximate date orders arrive- 4/20/2016

You can order online. It seems that this is easier on parents and Mrs. Patten!

march is reading month slips

To make things easier, I have stapled a copy of the reading minute slip to your child

s reading log for the month of march. These are due on Thursdays. Your child's goal is to read 30 minutes each night.

Linden Masonic Lodge is donating one girls and one boys bike for 3rd, 4th , or 5 th grade students win. The Masonic Lodge is also donating two scooters for kindergarten, 1st , or 2 nd grade students to win. To be eligible to win, students must turn in their reading minutes every Thursday morning.

hyatt science night

Greetings Hyatt Families!

On Friday, April 22nd, Hyatt Elementary will be hosting the first ever, school-wide Family Science Night! Families are invited to travel to various stations set up around the gym and engage in a variety of science activities/experiments throughout the night. Please mark your calendars! As we prepare for this exciting event, we are in need of some materials. If you are willing to donate an item, please use the SignUpGenius link to indicate the item(s) you are donating. We are asking for all donated items to be sent to school by Thursday, March 31st. Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated!

-Hyatt Elementary

spelling list: group A

  1. way
  2. its
  3. owe
  4. sell
  5. great
  6. sail
  7. cell
  8. scent
  9. oh
  10. cent
  11. it's
  12. grate
  13. weigh
  14. sale
  15. sent

spelling list: group B

  1. yolk
  2. yoke
  3. heel
  4. fowl
  5. sail
  6. cell
  7. scent
  8. heal
  9. cent
  10. role
  11. grate
  12. roll
  13. sale
  14. sell
  15. great
  16. sent
  17. foul