by Makenzi Johnson

5 Interesting facts

  • considered 'King of the Plantes'
  • named after the Roman god, Jupiter who was god of the sky
  • is the largest and fastest spinning planet in our solar system
  • could fit 1,000 Earths in Jupiter
  • you can see 4 moons on Jupiter if you are using binoculars at night


67 moons spin around Jupiter

Some of the biggest moons are, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and IO

Revolution and Rotation

1 rotation: 10 hours (some argue 9.97 hours)

1 revolution= 12 years

78 million KM from the sun

The planet itself

The surface is made of mainly a large sea of hydrogen and water. The atmosphere is made out of hydrogen and helium.

The average temperature is -234 degrees fahrenheit but in the Red Giant it is 43,000 degrees fahrenheit.

Is the fifth planet in relation to the sun.

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