The Tremendous Turkey

The inside scoop on turkeys

Picture in your head a big black and brown bird with a white, blue, and red head that has a tail like a Japanese fan. Turkeys!. Turkeys are amazing creatures and almost went extinct in 1900 but now the turkey population has skyrocketed and it almost feels like they have invaded the U.S. In the U.S today we have more than seven million turkeys.

Let The Games Begin

Why do turkeys fight? Turkeys fight for a number of reasons. Turkeys fight for dominance of the flock,to be the head honcho. They fight for the first mating opportunity. All males mate its just the head honcho can't know. Male turkeys have sharp spurs on the back

of their feet so that's their main weapon for fighting that,and their wings. when turkeys fight they lock their necks and beaks together and beat each other with their wings and spurs. The losing turkey does not have to go away from the flock.

Honcho(boss or leader)

Turkey Features

Turkeys have six thousand to five thousand feathers for protection and the feathers are black and brown for camouflage. To attract females toms and jakes strut. A turkey's head is nearly featherless and have red,white and blue on it. When a turkey gobbles it it shakes it head and the gobbler shakes back and forth making the gobble sound, the turkeys do this to attract females. strut(puff up and fan out their tail)
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Home Sweet Home

When the average person is looking for a home he/she wants to have a roof,bed,fridge,stove,microwave and food. Its the same with turkeys, but with turkeys they look for high trees,ravines and lots of undergrowth for camo and cover. Also a turkey needs food so the turkey will look for nuts,plants,fruit small animals and insects.
Once the Virginia cooperative wildlife research unit set up a turkey restoration in 1950 the levels were hunt-able and now the the turkeys are thriving in America. The people of America all over are getting ready for hunting season.

Tanner Jupp