Tohar and Liron H2

about the movie

The movie is invested talking about separated parents who go out on a date not successful and agree they never, ever wantto seeeach other again , but unintentionally they meet on vacation in Africa with their kids and get stuck in the same hotel room, and are forced to spend a vacation together.

As time passes, families begin to like each other, and at the end of The movie we understand that parents fall in love.

My criticism of the The movie

Our opinion of The movie:

We think the film is hilarious, and when we saw the first The movie we're cracking up.

Excellent The movie, loved every minute of the film.

Funny professional players, their experience of fun and all things African undergone moved us and made us laugh.

Movie Review

Most reviews of the movie are good reviews but there are some bad reviews, for example:

A good Reviev:

  • "What an amazing movie! amazing experience. The movie is so good that you can see it without end!"
  • "Great movie . I enjoyed every second. It has everything! Is an exciting, interesting, and most importantly hilarious.The dynamics between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore never get tired, two great players. Much more than just another kitschy romantic comedy, it has added value and is funny. Really recommended !!"

A bad Review:

  • "Successful Blended not clearly followed the man and woman find themselves stuck in together resort for families somewhere in Africa ... made me laugh a few times just no pity, weak plot, nice views of Africa but it can not cover up the film quite weak."
  • "Low-level movie I was surprised the lack of coordination between the reviews and the The movie."

Who fits The movie?

The movie fits to:

The film is set as a movie for the whole family ie all ages, but we recommend seeing the The movie age 14 and over because this movie is more suited to these ages.

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Blended - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

about the actors stars

adam sandler-Occupation: writer, voices, producer, actors

Birthday: 09/09/1966

Country of Origin: United States

G State: United States

Links: Official site of Adam Sandler

His first role was on TV channel'¶ game show "Remote Control" (87), then became famous for his participation in the entertainment program "Motza"s Live" (91-95), wrote and starred in Billy Madison "and B"gilmor happy" (96). the three films he worked with writer and director with whom he studied in college. "Among the films he appears and takes recordings of performances of his stand-up.

Drew Barrymore-Drew Blyth Barrymore is an actress, director and producer American, winner of a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award, who heads the production company Flower Films Private behalf. Barrymore is a family of well-known actors. Her grandfather is John Barrymore player.