Jane Ball Happenings

January 18- January 22

Shout outs

Thanks to Cynthia Julie Dawn and Breann for offering their talents for sharing apps they have learned.

Thanks to Val for offering to organize our Flash Mob!

Huge thanks to Marcie on all your work organizing One Book One District. This will be awesome!

Records day and Report Card Reminders

Report cards are due at the end of the day Monday. Reports cards will be printed out on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will go home on Thursday. Remember to put your grades on the google docs.

Also: Grades 4-5 Please send a list to Lori with your honor roll students. We have had errors in the past from powerschool and we want to make sure we are accurate.

RTI and Title

As a reminder each time we complete a universal screener (Star, Benchmarks) we will look at the Google docs and look at tier placements. If you feel that you need to get help for a student academic or behavioral between these file reviews you can fill out a RTI form and request. You will need to be sure to provide all the information needed on the form. Feel free to always let me know if you have a concern for a student or if you need to skip to a form 10.

Recess and Specials

Just a reminder to be careful to pick up your students on time. Our schedules are tight and we want to make sure everyone is getting their much needed prep time.

One Book One District Update

Val will have our first practice on Wednesday. Please make sure you sign up with Val.

Marcie is taking sign ups for readers on the podcasts. Mr. Taylor is scheduled to read chapter 1!!!! Please make sure to read your emails from Marcie for the latest on One Book one district!

This is an excellent way to keep your kids excited about learning during the beginnings of testing and cold of the winter.

Testing Updates and Reminders

Reading Benchmarking January 4-14

  • Tier 2 & Tier 3 students must be benchmarked using the F & P kit. Benchmark levels should be put in the google doc.
  • Please put Tier 1 students' current guided reading level (what they are reading during your reading groups for instruction, not necessarily their Fall Benchmark) in the google doc.

WIDA Assessment - January 11-February 26

STAR 360 - Testing January 19-29

ISTEP Part 1 - February 29-March 11

Textbook Adoption

Samples are coming in slowly. You should have received a hard copy of the rubric as well as an email with this years rubric. Due dates on the rubric is to be determined based on the arrival of all the samples.

What's Happening

Monday January 18

No School MLK day

Tuesday January 19

Safety Committee Meeting 8:00 Library

Wednesday January 20

8:00 One Book One District Practice

Deb's Out ALL day

9:00-10:00 ISTEP stress test- Grades 3 and 5. Same locations and same computers as last weeks testing

Thursday January 21

8:00 Technology Committee

9:00 Tornado and Lockdown Drill

Friday January 22

8:00 One Book One District Practice

Data Meetings grades 3 and 4 during prep in conference room with Deb

PTO News

Erin wanted me to remind all of you to wear your tie dyed tee shirts on Tuesday. (Yes you can wear jeans!)

Also she will have a sign up for the fun fair in the faculty lounge on Tuesday. Please consider helping PTO as they are always helping us provide funding for many things at JB!

Operation Lifesaver

Just a reminder Operation Lifesaver will be as follows:

February 9, 2016

Grades K-2 10:30-10:55

Grades 3-5th 11:00-11:35

Tornado and Lockdown Drill

We will be doing a tornado and lockdown drill this Thursday at 9. We have to finalize the maps so we need to revisit the areas for the tornado drill. In addition we need to do a lockdown drill. We plan on doing both Thursday. Please be sure to review the procedures with your students. Both drills will be held on Tuesday. Parents will be informed that we held a drill via email. Any questions, please ask.