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Week of December 7, 2015


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School Announcements & Updates

Attendance and Classroom Split Routines:

The interaction between the teachers and students is the most influential factor affecting student academic success. It is critical that teachers be available to provide continuous high-quality education. However, it is understood that there are times when it is necessary to be absent because of illness or personal obligations. Please review Teacher Attendance page on Schoology, Section 3 and Split Class Procedures. The folder on the U drive has been deleted and will be replaced on Schoology so it can easily be accessed from home as needed. Each time split folders are used they need to be updated upon return in the event of another emergency class split. It is also important to add or delete students as transfers/withdrawals occur. Thank you for making sure quality work is provided in your possible absence.

Quarterly Newsletter Reminder:

Communication is a key component in helping students be the most successful they can be at school. A consistent form of communication from teachers to parents provides answers to questions and information regarding what is occurring in the classroom and school as a whole.

Per our School Improvement Plan, classroom newsletters should be sent home at a minimum of quarterly. A copy of each newsletter should be submitted via schoology to Mrs. Mercado during the week it is sent home with students. Please submit them each quarter on Schoology- Section 3 of the Handbook.

Barnes and Noble Night Help- Dec.10th

For Barnes and Noble night, guest readers are needed. Please contact Rachel Tadlock or Elizabeth Kreckel if you are interested.


During our August PD session, we discussed options for differentiated PD, such as Workshops and EdCamps. With the addition of the four hours of PD time starting in January, our goal is to maximize the time to best meet everyone's needs and interests for further professional growth while also allowing time for collaboration. Please complete the survey identifying areas/topics that you are interested in receiving or facilitating for professional development. Please also indicate your preference, on the survey, for AM PD sessions when held. COMPLETE SURVEY HERE

REMINDER Preparing for December 9, 2015 PD

  • We will continue the work and conversation started in November during our December Early Release PD session with a focus on student work. Prior to our time together please prepare the following so we can maximize our time together:
  • K-2: Please continue to collect your students' narrative writing samples to bring to our December 9th PD session. Please bring at least two narrative samples for your entire class. We will be using these to analyze student work across grade-levels.
  • Please have your students' work samples grouped by the following:
-Below Grade Level Standards

-On Grade Level Standards

-Exceeding Grade Level Standards

  • 3-5: Please continue to collect student writing samples. Bring student samples and TDQ's/TDA's that students completed this month. Please ensure student work has already been scored and grouped.
  • Please have your students' work samples grouped by the following:
  • -Below Grade Level Standards

    -On Grade Level Standards

    -Exceeding Grade Level Standards

  • Specialists: Bring student writing samples and TDQ's/TDAs. Because specialists see students less frequently these samples could be a "work in progress."

Concert Prep-Next Week's Modified Schedule!

Monday 12/14: Go about your day like normal! The only change is ALL classes will be coming to the Wickersham gym during their normal special time. Please have students bring a book to read as well.

Tuesday 12/15: At your designated time, bring your classes over to the J.P. McCaskey auditorium. Once again, please have students bring books. We will be practicing how we get on and off of the stage. This will be the “special time” for the day. Karen and Josh will be helping me organize the students and the stage.

11 am to 11:45 am: 4th and 5th grade

1 pm to 1:45 pm: 2nd and 3rd grade

2 pm to 2:45 pm: Kindergarten, 1st, and K4

LASTLY, the concert will be held Tuesday, December 15th in the J.P. McCaskey auditorium starting at 6 pm. Students will be reporting around 5:30. Please let Mr. Hart know if you will be able to attend and help monitor and guide your students! J

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Monthly Celebration Information- December 9th

The monthly celebration this month will be the following: a read aloud and sing along with Dave Calendar for K4, K5, 1st and 2nd grade (this will take place in the auditorium) and "Jingle Bell Grab" for 3rd, 4th and the grade (this will take place outside). Ms. Sefcik will explain the game at the assembly as well as to the support teachers to help give direction. With Dave needing the space in the auditorium, the assembly and celebration times have changed along with some of the support teachers. If you have any extra clothespins or holiday outfits lying around, please share them with Sefcik before next Wednesday (who doesn't want to see Wertman in an elf costume again!?).

As the third graders named it, be ready to participate in the "teacher embarrassment" portion of the assembly--it'll be easy on you!!

To get more in the holiday mood, please feel free to wear a holiday sweater on Wednesday. We'll have a vote for the most "unique" sweater during PD that afternoon.

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Schoology Update

New on Schoology:

  • Child Study Team Group: A Child Study/ESAP group has been created in Schoology. The SSP flow chart and SSP request form can be found under resources in this group. You can still locate these documents in the Staff Handbook. Each teacher will have a teacher specific folder that will be used for any students who are going through Child Study Process. All SSP requests and Goal Setting Documents will be housed in this group once completed. The Goal Setting Documents will be Google Docs that will automatically update when completed. All the teacher will need to do is click on the link provided in the teacher specific folder. It will be necessary for each teacher to be signed into Google. If you do not already have a Google account please take a moment to create one. Mr. Wertman will continue to communicate Child Study Team meetings through the Outlook calendar.

  • December Faculty Council Notes

  • Emergency Classroom Split List Assignment (See above)
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NEHS KIVA Jeans Day-Friday, December 11, 2015

NEHS will be making Microloans through the Kiva website. The students will read the stories and decide who to lend the money. Here is the website to find out more. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

Morning Meeting Focus: COOPERATION

District Updates & Announcements

Elementary Grading Guidelines

A revised draft of the Elementary Grading Guidelines is attached and has also been uploaded to the intranet (OTL/Documents/Report Cards and Promotion Standards/Elementary Grading Guidelines). This document should be used moving forward, as it contains revisions based on the conversations and feedback that occurred during the first marking period.

IU13 STEM Bowl

Please see attached flyer for IU13’s STEM Bowl for Grades 3-5 being held on March 9th. There is no cost to participate. The event is limited to 24 teams, so register early if planning to participate.

Getting Started with Math Expressions Resource Folder

A document titled Math Expressions Program Preview has been added to the Elementary Math Collaboration Schoology group content. It can be accessed by clicking Resources/Instructional Resources/Math Expressions/Getting Started With Math Expressions. The document provides an overview to the program and its resources. This will be particularly helpful to new teachers or administrators, teachers who are new to a grade level or teacher mentors. Already contained in this folder is a PowerPoint of the program resources. Please share this information with any new teachers or long-term substitutes that you might have at your building. Resources will continue to be added to this folder so that new teachers are able to preview and learn about the materials they will be using.


See someone going above and or leave a note for Mrs. Mercado so we can celebrate and acknowledge each other through the staff spotlight section of the Monday Memo!


MONDAY 12/7/15

  • Wertman/Lipisko Out AM

TUESDAY 12/8/15

  • Stoltzfus, Massarrotti, Carr, Lipisko, Mercado Out @ Technology Conference


  • Early Release Day PD

THURSDAY 12/10/15

  • Pizza with Principal
  • Barnes & Noble Night

FRIDAY 12/11/15

  • Mercado Out


12/15/15- Winter Concert @ JPM

12/16/15- Attendance Meetings

12/17/15- LETRS Training 1st & 2nd Grade, Parent Breakfast

12/18/15- PTO Meeting @ 2 p.m.



National Special Education Day is observed annually on December 2nd.

Special Education Day marks the anniversary of of the signing of our first federal special education law, IDEA- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

December 8th is National Brownie Day...What is your favorite kind of brownie? ANSWER HERE!

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December Birthdays

12/12 Jen Irizarry

12/16 Dave Calendar

12/17 Janess Crawford

12/20 Melanie Snyder

12/23 Miriam Melendez-Swinton