Amber Room

8th Wonder of The World

What is the Amber Room

The Amber Room was a hidden room in the Catherine Palace. During World War II the Nazis invaded the Palace. Soon they found the Amber and raided it, stole everything and sent it to a city in Germany. Not to long later the city got bombed and the Amber Room disappeared. Some time later, professional craftsman made a replica that cost about $12 million. That's a lot of rubles!!!

How was it created

The Amber Room was created out of precious gemstone, amber (hints the name ), and gold (budder). It was created by Andreas Schluter a famous archeit. Having what it was made of sort of explained why Hitler wanted to get it. Hitler also wanted to make his own museum stealing relicts around the world to make his museum.

So, what's so important about it

As you now know Nazis came and raided it and stole it all. You're probably thinking " Why did they do it ?" They did it because they wanted all the riches they can get and make a museum to

What happened to the room?

To this day no one has found it but, who knows when people will find maybe in 100 or so years. Still it's a mystery