For Sale- 115 Standish Ln. Unit 650

Asking Price: $915,000!

About the Property

The house is stone & stucco, has great attention to detail, has a cathedral ceiling & beautiful woodwork in the office and custom woodwork throughout the home. Hardwood floors, chefs kitchen with top of the line appliances. Ample counter space and cabinetry. Large flat yard. Lot is on the Point across from the lake. 4,419 square feet and the lot is 0.76 Acres.

Future Value?

What will this house be worth in 10 years?

The value of houses in 2015 is 3% or .03.

1+.03=1.03 growth

If you lease the house for 10 years the equation used to find the value of your home is:


Simplify the 1.03^10.


Multiply 915000 and 1.34 and the value of this house is.


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For sale now for $915,000.