Beautiful Creatures of the Sea

By Alexa B. period 7

Beautiful Creatares of the Sea

In the ocean, in rivers, at sea world dolphins are there eating fish and doing tricks.

Dolphins are the only wild animal that would help a human in need. There fast swimming and knowledge can help stranded humans by swimming them to shore.They can go up to 20 miles per hour! There ten times stronger than our athletes!

When dolphins aren't saving lives they need to entertain themselves. They blow bubbles and swim through them. Just like how dolphins jump through hoops at sea world. They also blow bubbles into shapes.They can make a variety of different shapes and sizes. Dolphins are very playful animals.

Not only are dolphins playful there also incredibly smart. There the smartest mammals alive. Some scientist say there more superior than humans while others do not. Most believe dolphins use 20% of there brain power and we only use 10%.

When its sleepy time dolphins are half asleep. Half of there brain is on to keep look out for predators while the other half is sleeping. Another reason they need to be aware is because dolphins are mammals and need air too. If there fully asleep the'll suffocate.

Like all other animals dolphins have a predator. There biggest threat is humans. Fisherman have been using illegal drift nets that dolphins get stuck in. Since dolphins are friendly and playful animals humans are trying to protect them from hungry fisherman.

Dolphins are amazing and fascinating creatures. They save our live, entertain us, and make us happy. Dolphins are still swimming all throughout the world and I plan to keep it that way.


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