Riverbend Roundup

Issue #3

1st Trimester Update

Time is flying by and we are only 4 weeks away from the end of our 1st Trimester. We are very excited about the progress our students have made and we look forward to their continued success throughout the year. As with any new venture, we want to continuously evaluate what we are doing and determine where we can improve to best meet the needs of our students. Currently, we are looking at some slight modifications to our daily schedule to provide better structured time and teacher availability for academic interventions during Tribe. We are also looking at adding a third lunch shift to ease some of the congestion issues we are seeing in our cafeteria. Class time will not be impacted if these changes occur. We believe that these small changes can have a significant positive impact on student grades and discipline. In the event that we are able to make these adjustments for our 2nd Trimester, we will communicate all of the details to you in a timely manner.

Riverbend In Action

Attendance Information


Attendance and academic success are directly related. Therefore, every effort should be made by all students to attend school on a regular basis. Special situations may be considered when approved both by the school and the parents in advance of the absence. (Special situation absences may not exceed 5 days of absence from school). Regular attendance is very important to ensure academic success. Therefore, students with attendance less than 90% may be assigned Academic Attendance Recovery to avoid missing educational experiences while absent from school. Attendance recovery may be offered after school, Saturday School, and/or Summer School. Students are responsible for their own transportation.


Attendance- A student is considered to be in attendance if the student is physically present in a class; participating in a district-sponsored or district-approved activity; participating in a class through alternative methods or media as allowed by policy; receiving homebound services; or receiving services at another location pursuant to law or by arrangement of the district.

Tardy- A student is tardy if the student arrives after the expected time class or school begins, as determined by the district. Tardiness will be counted as an absence in situations where the student arrives too late to have meaningful participation in the class, lesson or activity.

Truancy- A student is truant if the student is absent from class or school without the knowledge and consent of the parents and the administration. A student is also considered truant if the student leaves school without the consent of the principal or accumulative unjustifiable absences, even with parental consent. Truancy is a type of unexcused absence.

Reporting Absence

Parents should call the school office before 9:00 a.m. to report a student’s absence. If the family does not have a phone, a note or doctor’s verification statement should be brought upon the student’s return to school. The note should explain the absence and give the date(s) absent. On the 3rd consecutive day of absence, homework may be requested by calling the main office. After the 10th day of absence from school per semester the absence must be verified. Students that miss ten or more days of school may be assigned Saturday School or Summer School for attendance recovery.

Tips For Maintaining Good Student Attendance

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Important Upcoming Events

  • Do you have some exciting ideas for Riverbend? Would you like to help with upcoming events and fundraisers? If so, PAC is for you! We had our first PAC meeting earlier this month and we would love to have some more parents get involved. Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 20th at 5 PM in the Riverbend library. We hope to see you there!
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic: Oct. 22nd * 1st dose & Nov. 12th * 2nd dose (Riverbend) *Signup Required
  • No School 11/1: District PD

Winter Sports Information

  • 7/8 Boys Basketball: 1st practice- 10/25
  • 7/8 Wrestling: 1st practice- 11/1

All participants must have a current physical and be registered online. You can register your athlete here: https://pacifichs-ar.rschooltoday.com/

Pacific Little League Coed Basketball

Signup information can be found here:

Pacific Little League Coed Basketball

Red Ribbon Week

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Halloween Dress Guidelines

Many students have asked about dressing up for Halloween this year. Since Halloween falls on a Sunday, students may dress up on Friday, October 29th. If your student chooses to dress up, they must follow these costume guidelines:

  • No masks, full face paint, fake blood, or weapons of any kind
  • All other dress code guidelines outlined in our student handbook must be followed
  • As a general rule: A costume should not affect the learning process in classrooms or disrupt the school environment

If you have any questions regarding your student's costume, please contact an administrator.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Riverbend Middle School

Mr. Todd Dempsey, Principal


Dr. Jill Johler, Assistant Principal