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Latin America

Mexico City-History Journal Entry

Mexico City. The capital of Mexico, has quite a history of interesting stories. I'm Paul Nung and I decided to write this journal entry of my times exploring Mexico City. My first visit is at the Museum Of the City Of Mexico, where Hernan Cortes and Moctezuma first met to join forces to conquer the Aztec Empire. In 1325 AD, the Aztecs began building their empire on a island when they saw a eagle eating a snake while sitting on a cactus, which they believed was a sign from their god to settle there. This soon became the nation's flag which I also saw in the museum and all around Mexico. After they settled in, they began to conquer other lands and expanded their empire. Eventually Hernan Cortes and Moctezuma with help from the Thlaxclan tribe conquered Tenochtitlan with help from their superior weapons. They killed many Aztecs and burned the empire down. After all the Aztecs were dead, the Spanish built and new empire in it's ruins and took over the Mexicans. Eventually mexico became a Spanish colony till it gained independence in 1821. Then they began setting up a republic and elected a president in 1824. The Mexican republic rebuilt the country. The Museum Of The City Of Mexico has numerous artifacts from the capital. It has everything from the weapons the Aztecs fought with to scrolls holding the secrets to Tenochtitlan the city of gold. This was Paul Nung and I am reporting out.

Some Of The Things I See

Journal Entry #2

Here I am in the capital of the Parish of st. James, Montego Bay. The second largest city in Jamaica and the one that I will Be covering in this report. I'm at one of Montego Bay's famous beach resorts right along the coast. This is one of the most popular resort in the Carribean. The geography here is one of the main tourist attractions. Not only for their beaches but their coastal landscape. Montego Bay also has Jamaica's largest airport. So they can get you flown in safely and relaxing at the beaches. Rainfall and sunshine are plenty here in Jamaica. Montego Bay has a tropical climate with a winter-dry season. High elevation in the mountains brings in cold currents which keeps it cool when it's sunny. My trip here in Montego Bay is now moving farther in Jamaica. Right next to Montego Bay are the Blue Mountain Ranges. The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica. They include the islands highest point, Blue Mountain Peak which stands at 2256m. From the peak you can see both north and south Coastlines. Today Jamaica is a very big tourist attraction due to it's beautiful geography. I'm Reporter Paul Nung and have covered the history of Mexico City and now the geography of Jamaica, what's next?

Journal Entry #3

This is Paul Nung here in Columbia. I am here in the coastal regions. I'm here to discuss Columbia's economy. Columbia has many minerals and precious stones in mountains. Second only to Brazil in hydroelectric and the number one source of emeralds in the world. The agriculture here has very rich soil in the highlands. Coffee her is the number one export. Columbian coffee is known for having a rich strong flavor, way too strong for me. With all the resources and to export Columbia must have a very successful economy right? Wrong. In the 1980s Columbia began to run into some economic challenges. Brug dealers became huge in Columbia. (as a kid drugs are a big no-no) The dealers paid farmers a lot more money than they could make growing coffee to to grow cocao leaves which were made into cocaine. A lot of drugs are smuggled into the united states. The money that comes from this gives the drug dealers enough to have their own private armies. They have even killed some government officials when they try to stop them. To this day drug dealers still are in Columbia but with help from the U.S, they managed to step down on drugs. This is Paul Nung calling out.

Final Journal Entry #4

Recording in 5,4,3,2,1, action! Here I am Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and I am going to dicuss Brazil's culture. Being controlled by the Portuguese for a long time, Portugal has made a big influence on Brazilian culture. Due to Brazil's interesting history, many people come from different or mixed ancestry's. Today they are Europeans, Asians, African Americans, and Native Americans. Most of those people speak a Brazilian form of Portuguese and practice roman Catholicism with some African religions. In terms of sports Brazilians enjoy soccer or as it's called here Futbol. Many cities have stadiums in them and is a common sport in Brazil. I am here to talk to you about not only their culture but Carnival. Carnival is a festival that is celebrated before Lent which is the christian holy season before Easter. Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil. For almost a whole week parades and festivals rage on throughout the day and night. These celebrations include Brazilian music and lots of parades. The biggest Carnival was here in Rio De Janeiro. Rio De Janeiro's Carnival drew in 4.9 million people. Carnival means removing meat. This is the end of My Travel journal. From Columbia , to Mexico, to Brazil, to Jamaica I have recorded my reportings i this Travel Journal. This is Paul Nung calling out for the last time.