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February 5th, 2016

Shields on The Teaching Channel!

Today, the Teaching Channel launched their new Video Lounge with a video from Andrea's classroom the day of the filming! You can watch the video here and feel free to leave answers to any of the questions you would like!

Mathematizing Books

In our K-2 Learning Lab, we talked about mathematizing books. Mathematizing is a process of inquiring about, organizing, and constructing meaning with a mathematical lens (Fosnot & Dolk, 2001). By mathematizing books commonly available in classroom collections and reading them aloud, teachers provide students with opportunities to explore ideas, discuss mathematical concepts, and make connections to their own lives. Here is a great article by Allison Hintz (in the video below) that goes more in depth with that idea!

Super Bowl - Grades 4 & 5

Friday lesson plans were shattered! NewsELA had an interesting article about homeless people being removed from the stadium area in San Francisco. Touchy topic! Thought about our learning lab discussion from 4/5 on an author's relevant and irrelevant details about a given topic.
#nwmc15 Speaker 6: Allison Hintz
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Language Arts Pilot Update

The ELA leads have narrowed their choices down to 2 companies: The American Reading Company and Ready Gen. The curriculum tool is just one piece of our goal. As we have stated throughout data meetings, we would like to focus our attention on our CORE practices and language arts framework. IF we receive the final approval, you will first see the Independent Reading Level Assessment, aka the IRLA being used by our pilot teachers: Jodie Daminger, Kala Haller, Hope Smith, and Amanda Archambault. This tool will assist us in determining a child's reading strengths and target areas. In response, we will then be able to speak about their reading abilities and design our instruction accordingly. Authentic books accompany this challenge! The American Reading Company's Research Labs are another part to the framework that you may also see introduced. We're super excited about this opportunity!
Tweet Me, Maybe?

Shields Sessions on February 12th:

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Hit the Books!

Please remind your students to complete and return their bookmarks. The program ends on Friday, February 26th. Thanks so much for your support!
Kids React to Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Math Activities...