BGSS Books on Blankets

Bring it on!

All students P-7

Start your day at BGSS with a book. Bring a book to school before the 8.30 bell and you can read in comfort and quiet on a blanket on the grass near the CPA. Read to yourself, read to a friend, read to someone else, or listen to someone reading. Sit with your friends or make some new reading buddies. Get some help with your reading, or help someone else with their reading. It's up to you how you read your book.

There are only 2 rules:

1. Bring a book. No book, no blanket.

2. Not reading today? Sit in the CPA.

Parents & Carers

BGSS has a renewed emphasis on reading in 2014. As part of this, parents are volunteering to read to, with or beside students between 8.00 and 8.30am.

Ways you can help:

  • Donate a plastic-backed blanket. Second-hand is fine, but they must be clean. Students can give them to their teacher.
  • Bring your own blanket, lay it out, and read with your own children &/or any other students with a book. How you do it is up to you, but remember: this is a reading space. If you want to chat, please go to the CPA. Even once or twice a week would be great.
  • Even if you can't volunteer your time, encourage your children to take a book to school every day - there will be blankets for them to read on. It can be any book they want to read: fiction or non-fiction. If it's not a library book, make sure their name is on it.
  • If your children are already great readers, they can choose to read quietly, or help other students with their reading. If they're not keen or confident readers, this is a great way to get some 1:1 encouragement and practice.

Why Books on Blankets?

  • To promote the joy of reading to all students.
  • Better reading is the key to better learning.
  • The better BGSS students all read, the better for all BGSS students.
  • To provide an alternative to waiting in the CPA before the 8.30 bell.
  • Provide a way for parents and Student Leaders to be involved in reading at BGSS.