Vote for victory!

Hey Minnesotan's take a chance, take a vote!

How do I register?

To vote you can either fill a paper application or an online copy, you must provide your drivers license, ID, and last four social security numbers. If you won't be in Minnesota on election Tuesday 11/8/16 then you can fill out an absentee ballot online or on paper. To find your polling place you can simply enter information to online forms such as your zip code and your polling place will be determined. You must vote within your precinct which means the boundary of you city or voting area.

Why don't some people vote?

People can be denied to vote if they are incarcerated, don't have a qualifying permanent residence or they are in a mental hospital. Some people don't vote because they are uneducated, they don't know how to register to vote or they don't care about politics and government.

Vote today, pave the way!