Design Studio 5 Newsletter

Week of September 7 - 11, 2015

No school Monday September 7th

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"Wet & Wild" in Nature

We will be out and about in our community again this week. Our field trip to Martha Lafite's Nature Sanctuary is Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will spend the day rotating through stations putting our plants and animal information into action. Activities include participating in a "Wild About the Wetlands" class, completing requirements for Explorer badge, and other activities that focus on our plants and animal standards.

A huge thank you to all of our parents that have sent in permission slips and money, purchased materials for our stations, or are volunteering to run the stations on the day of the field trip. You make all of this possible we appreciate your support.

Upcoming Content Area Learning

Reading - We will be working on close reading skills this week during our reading time. Close reading skills are important because they encourage students to focus on the many layers of meaning a text can have to get a deeper understanding. It encourages students to read and re-read methodically in order to pull out main ideas and key details. It also helps students reflect on specific words or sentences that might bring multiple meaning to what is being read.

Writing/Social Studies - We have wrapped up our Native American research and created our display posters for our gallery walk activity. We will begin discussing and researching explorers next. This will be coupled with learning about biographies and writing our own biographies about important explorers.

We will also read the story 14 Cows this week. This story offers an age appropriate perspective of the tragedy that happened on September 11th. It helps us to gain understanding that positive things can help people heal when faced with sadness. Students will hear the story and then participate in some mystery envelope reading activities in memory of this event.

GUMS- No Spelling test this week.

This week we are going to start learning a few new concepts about language and word choice. We will focus on the definitions of Formal English, Informal English, dialect, and register. We want students to understand the difference in writing formally like for reports and writing to companies. Compared to times when you can be less formal with your writing for example when writing to a friend. Our goal is for students to know when and how to use both.

Math - We have finished our first unit in Math and will be moving on to Unit 2. Unit 2 focuses on division. We will be taking the pre-test for Unit 2 this week, so that we can break the students into smaller groups for guided instruction.

Science - We will be going on our field trip to continue our plant and animal uint of study. We will also be taking our Science Performance Series test this week.