Jake Villasenor (crossfit)

Pretty much crossfit all day, get inspired, get motivated!

about me!

My name is Jake, I was born December 31, 1999 (man those days in the 90's were something haha.) More background information about me, I was born in Orange County, California. When I was younger I was really into cars and how they worked and everything because they really made me really think about like how did cars work? Obviously some kids nowadays don't really play with cars because I mean we've got the phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Still today I really love cars (mostly the 1920's -1960's.)

Hobbies, likes/dislike

Alright my hobbies well, let's start off with Crossfit, A little over a year ago I discovered Crossfit, and if you don't know what it is very intense workouts that but you at your limits every time you do Crossfit. Which makes it so addicting because it's like a rush that feels very intense but very fun, pretty much you're sometimes really sore, it also works on everything legs, biceps (it's not always about having like body builder muscles), triceps, cardio, endurance, strength, etc. For me is really addicting. I do Crossfit like 4 times a week, every Tuesday and now soon to be Thursday I will be going to the Crossfit gym, twice a week instead of once which is really exciting. I should explain like the root of what got me doing Crossfit, of those that watch WWE there is a really inspiring man, named Seth Rollins and since he was my favorite wrestlers I decided to look at what he's into so he talked about CrossFit which gets people super lean and just like super human like. As I kept going with CrossFit I decided to look at the athletes and I found some motivating athletes named Rich Froning (5-6 time Crossfit game winner the fittest man on the planet), also Mat Fraser (the second fittest man on the planet), Dan Bailey, Jason Kaphila, Seth Rollins.

I know it's a lot but other hobbies of mine are, I love fixing cars, enjoying nature around me, spending time with family, I LOVE watching some old movies like early 1900's - 1960's love Marilyn Monroe's movies, like bus stop, gentlemen's prefer blondes, monkey business, the seven year itch, how to marry a millionaire, you get the idea, I LOVE antiquing, There's a lot about me.

oh and my dislikes are, people who use drugs, talks down to others, over confident and boasting about themselves, and more.

My dreams and goals(:

  • After high school I plan on either going to a trade school to be a mechanic or a welder
  • If my whole trade school thing doesn't work out somehow I plan on traveling around the world training to be able to compete in the Crossfit Games.
  • Marriage hmmm I don't plan on being married until my late 20's or 30's to be honest.
  • If I decide to have kids it would more than likely be around the time of marriage.
  • 15 years into the future I believe that I will be a welder/mechanic or a Crossfit athlete traveling around the world.
  • I never want to be an average person, I want to stand out from everyone else, I want to achieve my goals and dreams and I won't stop until I get it.

My Summer

I basically did CrossFit all day, My cousin came over for a month because he lives in a different state and everything like that. We went to las vegas and went on a ride which was pretty cool, I went to see all the old stuff at the Orange Circle, that's where I do all my antiquing. That's pretty much it I've just been getting motivated and inspired through my whole summer watching overcoming injuries, Crossfit, looking for athletes. I watched a lot of Marilyn Monroe movies which really was entertaining, she's really beautiful <3

Oh, and since I know that some people are probably going to ask me for my Instagram its Crossfit_Jake1999.

What I look forward to this year!

I want to get better grades even though that may seem like everyone's goal, for the past few years my grades have been going down the drain, so I want this year to be a year to redeem myself in becoming a very educated Lad. I want to rise above and beyond to what I thought I could accomplish. (:

Thank you, everyone for taking the time to read/look through my slides and seeing what I'm all about!

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