Ladies Night In with Wildtree

Facebook Party Tuesday 1/27 8:00pm-8:30pm

Want to make healthy cooking fast, easy and delicious?

Grab a glass of wine, log in to Facebook and learn about some yummy, healthy food at my ladies night/Wildtree tasting party on Facebook!

We all want to eat healthier and Wildtree can help us do that with their amazing spice blends and fast and easy recipes. I tried these products for the first time last year and love how easy they make it to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

Wildtree Products: No MSG- No High Fructose Corn Syrup- No GMOS- No Chemicals- No preservatives-no artificial colors-USDA Certfied Organic-100% Gluten Free Certified.

You can learn more about the product line and even order the products that night. Hope you can make it. Let me know!

Click "Join" to let us know you will be there!

Here's how it works!

Get comfy and log in to Facebook at 7:55pm. If you haven't already joined then click on "Join". If you have, start watching the posts and threads and hit "refresh" continually to stay up with the conversation.

A "Door Prize" will be raffled at the end and you will be entered for an extra ticket very time you "comment"(3 entry max). You can win one of my personal favorites!

You'll hear about my favorite products and recipes and how easy they are to use and you can order online during the party.

See you Tuesday, 1/27 at 8pm! Feel free to invite a friend to join! And, bring a glass of wine!

Wildtree helps me cook healthy and delicious meals in minutes!

I am a huge believer in eating healthy and feeding my family healthy meals but that doesn't mean I like to spend all my time in the kitchen. My busy life means meal prep needs to be fast and easy. Wildtree has solved that for me! My family enjoys a healthy, stress free meal every night and your can too! Log in at 8pm and learn how!