The Toddlers Class

Miss Carrie and Miss Barbara

Week of February 3rd

I love this month because is focuses on love and kindness. We started the week with zoo phonics Olive Octopus. The saying goes like this: Olive Octopus has 8 legs o o o . We worked on our shape this month which is the heart. Our craft on Thursday was a heart necklace which they pulled the string through the whole. They loved this! We acted out our nursery rhyme which is Little Bo Peep. I hid sheep die cuts all over the room and they would find them and bring them home to me. We did this several times.

Reminder for next week:

This Wednesday February 13th is our Valentine's Day Party. They will be icing and eating a cookie. The sign up sheet will be posted outside our door. I believe we only need another can of icing and sprinkles. Here is the list of names for your valentine's day cards: