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Friday, February 12, 2021

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Valentine's Day

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones this weekend. Spend some quality time off of social media and video games and play some board games or read a Valentine book, make decorations or just share some memorable time with your family.

Have a wonderful February vacation!!

See you back on Monday, February 22 for Cohort A and Thursday, February 25 for Cohort B

Important Dates:

February 15-19th: No School, February Vacation

February 22 - March 22nd: Parent Teacher Conferences

Google Meets and Attendance

Thank you for your continued support at home as we carry on with hybrid and remote learning. We recognize that this is just as challenging for you as it is for us.

As many of you have likely seen recently, there has been some additional attention paid to live interactions between students and teachers. While this is fantastic, it does require more commitment from both school and home too. It is our hope to see all students at all meetings. Any time we can provide services to our students directly we feel quite fortunate, so please have students attend the meetings that are offered throughout the day.

Title One Reading Tips: By Mrs. Davis

Q: My child has trouble reading. Will their reading struggles decrease comprehension?”

A: When kids struggle to read, sometimes they’re so busy trying to figure out the words that

they don’t absorb information. The National Reading Panel concluded that, “repeated oral

reading procedures that included guidance from teachers, peers, or parents had a

significant and positive impact on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension

across a range of grade levels.” As their fluency improves, so will comprehension. You can

also talk with your child about their story or passage, before reading, during, and after to boost


What is Fluency?

Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. In order for children to understand what they read, they must be able to read fluently whether they are reading aloud or silently.

When reading aloud, fluent readers read in phrases and adding appropriate expression makes reading “come to life.” Reading words accurately is key to developing fluency.

What parents can do to help at home:

  • Support and encourage your child.

  • If your child can decode words well, help him or her build speed and accuracy by:

    • Reading aloud and having your child match his voice to yours

    • Having your child practice reading the same list of words, phrase, or short passages several times

    • Reminding your child to pause between sentences and phrases

  • Read aloud to your child to provide an example of how fluent reading sounds.

  • Give your child books with predictable vocabulary and clear rhythmic patterns so the child can "hear" the sound of fluent reading as he or she reads the book aloud.

  • Use books on tapes; have the child follow along in the print copy.

From Meetinghouse School Nurse

Mrs. Law is looking for donations of boys pants and NEW underwear. Please and thank you.

From the PTO-Kindness Month!!

Let’s spread some extra cheer and love this February by making it Kindness Month. We want to encourage your family to do acts of kindness. We know you’re busy so please choose to participate in a way that works best for you.

Optional ways to keep track of your family’s acts of kindness:

♥ Talk about the acts of kindness you each complete

♥ Cut and glue hearts onto the mason jar image (both provided below)

♥ Put a sticker or color a heart or other image on a piece of paper

♥ Put a cotton ball or other item in a cup

♥ Post on our Westminster PTO Facebook page

Outdoor Recess!

Please remember to dress your kids for winter weather! Outdoor recess takes place daily unless the temperatures fall below 20 degrees. Coats, hats, mittens/gloves are a must. Snow pants are great too if your child would like to play in the snow!