Daily Memo - Week of February 8-11

Building Successful Futures: Every Student, Every Day

Thursday - February 11

Happy last day of the week and happy 4-day weekend! Can't wait for a little bit of nice weather too!! Today's Fab Feb Activity is already ready to go. You can participate or not it's totally up to you! Here's your mission if you choose to accept it: Each staff member has a picture of a famous person on their door. Your mission is to find your famous partner, take a selfie of you and your partner and their picture and email it to me. You get an extra treat for tweeting your selfie out using #ahsusd409. Have fun! This will run through the end of parent/teacher conferences tonight to give you time to find your partner in crime!

Office Schedules

Lindsey: 10 AES Meeting


M. Hale - W. Scott

ISS - M. Wohlgemuth

R. Ettleman - S. Dunn

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Wednesday - February 10

This afternoon we will be having a faculty meeting from 3-3:30 in the library. There will be a make-up tomorrow at 7:15 in the library.

Office Schedules

Bryon 10 Susan Meeting, 1 District Leadership, 3 Faculty Meeting

David: 1 District Leadership, 3 Faculty Meeting

Lindsey: 9:30 Angie, 1 District Leadership, 3 Faculty Meeting


M. Hales - W. Scott

A. Trowbridge - D. McDermed

ISS - M. Wohlgemuth

Tuesday - February 9

Happy Tuesday! Tonight is Parent/Teacher Conferences. Bryon talked to the leadership team yesterday about calling and emailing parents that you don't see tonight that you really need to talk to and inviting them to come Thursday. Please at least make an attempt to get them here.

Thursday will be our Fab Friday event, since we don't have school Friday! It's famous couples day! You will find a cut in half picture of a person and you will have to locate that persons couple which can be found in another person's room. If you find your couple, take a selfie and email it to me for a special treat! Someone will bring the treats to your rooms or your table if you want to participate during Conferences! Have fun!!

Office Schedules

Today is Lunch of Champions. Bryon will be out most of the day today, 3 P/T Conferences

David - 11:30 Lunch of Champions, 4 Basketball games

Lindsey - 7:30 Tonhya Observation, 11 Hopsen Obs, 1 Atchison Leadership, 5 P/T Conferences


B. Corey - K. Vanderweide

C. Harris - M. McDermed

K. Estes - AM

L. Supple - C. Hallberg

M. Hale - W. Scott

Monday - February 8

Tomorrow starts our Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences! During the conferences Joann and Marcia will be meeting with parents to go over 4 year plans and help senior parents fill out the FASFA. If you have anyone that asks about this they will be in the counseling office.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the dance Saturday night it was a huge hit!! Thanks go out to Andrew Lillie for organizing the whole thing and these awesome people who helped chaperone: Anne Burbank, Jessica Meudt, Claire Williams, Alex Bartels, Lee Supple, Shelby Ross, Andy Purdy, and Audrey Trowbridge! I hope I didn't miss anyone that helped!!

We have a leadership meeting this afternoon at 3pm in the counselors office.


M. Hall - A. Loew

M. Hale - W. Scott

B. Corey - K. Vanderweide

J. Vernon

Pail of Pride Form


Redmen Time Form Again


Article of the Week

"Three Reasons Students Should Own Your Classroom's Twitter and Instagram Accounts" Since we have been using twitter in the classroom for the last 4 months thought this might be a fun read. For those who haven't tweeted yet, have your students help you! https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-02-03-three-reasons-students-should-own-your-classroom-s-twitter-and-instagram-accounts