Mid-Year Check-In


Featured in this flier:

  • Are you on track with Schoology? Find Out.
  • Why are departments meeting with your building SDAS?
  • Professional development topics for the remainder of the year
  • Who can support you?
  • Did you know you have access to free, online curriculum?
  • Where can you find the materials from the Winter Institute, Feb. 1 Sessions?
  • Summer Institute 2016 information

Are you on track for level 1?

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Level 1 Schoology Do's and Don'ts

Are you on track for level 2?

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Level 2 Schoology Do's

CIES Listening Sessions with Secondary Departments: January - March

The outcomes of this optional meeting are for staff to:

  1. provide input on curricular strengths and needs,
  2. provide suggestions or ideas for staff development (system and building workshops, monthly staff development, individual curriculum departments),
  3. determine curriculum writing needs and curricular decisions (including blended classes, scope and sequence, new course offerings).

Dec-Jan: Math, Social Studies, ELA

Feb: Science, World Language, Music

Feb: Physical Education/Health, Tech Ed, FACS

March: Art, Business, COOP

Who can support you?

ACHIEVE – Rita Endres, SDAS; Bill Bauman, IC

BMS – Christine Weatherman, SDAS; June Mattson, Differentiation Coach; Bryan Scherr, Angie Vivatson, ICs

MGMS – Brenda Tiber, SDAS; Shelly Drake, Differentiation Coach; Erik Jorgenson, Neil Larson, ICs

MGSH – Matt Leisen, SDAS; Bill Bauman, Brian Scherr, Marshall Thompson, ICs

NVMS – Darrell Olson, SDAS; Sarah Schmidt, Differentiation Coach; Michelle Munkholm, IC

OALC - Matt Leisen, SDAS; Bryan Scherr, IC

OMS – Brenda Tiber, SDAS; Jenny Tollefson, Differentiation Coach; Dawn French, IC

OSH - Rita Endres, SDAS; Bart Cannon, Erik Jorgenson, Marshall Thompson, ICs

PCSH – Darrell Olson, SDAS; Neil Larson, Maura Nelson, ICs

OSTC - Michelle Munkolm, IC

Sandra Day, Coordinator CIES - Secondary

Jeremy Willey, Director CIES

Free Online Curriculum

We are members of the Minnesota Partners for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC). Right now, we have access to online course material for the 4 core content areas. Click to view the free MPCC curriculum in Schoology.

Winter Institute Session Presentations and Materials: February 1, 2016

The session materials from Feb. 1 can be found in our district staff development Schoology course. Click on the link to find the Winter Institute resources.

Monthly Professional Development Topics

You can access these resources in your school staff development Schoology course.

September: Schoology

October: Standards Based Grading and Instruction

November: Common Core Literacy Standards/Erik Larson

December: MS-Differentiation, HS-SMART Goals

January: Differentiated Instruction

February: Rubrics and Learning Objectives in Schoology

March: MS- iPad Classroom Management or Differentiation, HS-Preparing for April 19

April: MS-Integrated Instruction, HS-iPad Classroom Management

May: MS-Integrated Instruction, HS-NUA Overview

Summer Institute 2016

Mark your calendars for June 13 –24 for another installment of the Osseo Summer Institute. There will be multiple learning opportunities. Specific details and registration information information will be sent by April 1.