Champ Cooper School

PBIS - Considerate, Cooperative, Safe

Cougar's List

Every student has the opportunity to be a member of the Cougar's List by being a role model for others. Students receive a certificate, t-shirt, "goody" bag, and special recognization at an assembly.

Every teacher nominates one student each 6-weeks to be his or her Cougar's List recipient.

In order to be nominated for this prestigious honor, a student must display positive characteristics as shown by our acronym:

C= Champ Cooper's

O= Outstanding

U= Unbelievably

G= Great

A= Awesome

R= Respectful

S= Students

Mardi Gras Reward

Students, who qualified for the Mardi Gras parade, enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon filled with beads, stuffed animals, and trinkets! After the parade, each student had a slice of king cake -- plain, chocolate, bavarian, cream cheese, and strawberry filled!
Mardi Gras Mambo - The Hawketts (Lyrics)

Upcoming Events

What is next for PBIS?

The "big" reward is approaching quickly. During the month of May, students will have the opportunity to have some fun on inflatables, enjoy treats, and participate in an afternoon of games IF they continue to follow guidelines: being considerate, cooperative, and safe!