Strategic Intervention

Ideas for Managing Effective Small Groups

Reading Focus

In the upper grades, students are expected to read fluently and accurately so that they can comprehend text. Despite any reading difficulties they might have, they must be able to decode and comprehend material with challenging content. Older students who struggle with reading tend to dislike it and read less. As a result, they fall behind in vocabulary skills and background knowledge.

So what can WE do about it?

Launch Small Group Instruction on Intervention Thursdays

1) Identify students who need additional support or intervention.

a) Mrs. Groves and SST leaders will provide the names of your current Tier 2 students.

b) Global Scholar scores and academic averages are also a great way to target students.

2) Determine an instructional focus for each student

a)This data can be printed from the student's current Global Scholar results or from

classroom activities(non-mastery of skills)

b) English/Social Studies/Science- target reading skills

c) Math/Science-target math skills

3) Group students into small groups of 3 or 4

a) Allow whole group students to work on an independent activity while you work in

10-20 minute increments with your small groups.

b) Pull those 3 or 4 students back to a specified area to work with them on new skills.

4) Evidence of learning

a) Provide a small group activity that will demonstrate mastery of new skills.

b) For documentation purposes, be sure and have students show all reasoning,

thoughts, work, and writing. Also, provide the date of the intervention.

5) Evaluate the outcomes of instruction and use it to feed forward your next steps.

a) Reflection

b) Regroup students if needed.

Modeling a Lesson

Would you like to see this in action inside of your classroom? I would love to collaborate on a small group lesson with you. Email me your thoughts for lessons and/or dates of interest, and we can schedule a time to work together.