Silver Gate Elementary

Week of September 14th

Hello Silver Gate Families! I hope the first few weeks of school were productive and that you and your child were able to navigate your online classroom successfully. I know that we are all still experiencing some technical glitches. I thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to get things right. Online Learning is challenging, but as we continue to move into the school year things will become easier.

The focus for the first few weeks has been around student connection, ensuring that teachers are getting to know their learners individually and creating connections in the online classroom. As you know, this work looks very different in an online environment. I hope that your child is beginning to feel part of their classroom community. If not, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. Teachers continue to collaborate to share best practices and make adjustments. Our staff is committed to making the online learning experience a success for all students

Thank you to those families that attended our online back to school night. I hope that you took away some practical information that will help you navigate your child’s online learning experience.

Silver Gate SSC/SGT Parent Nominations

Silver Gate Elementary is looking for four parent representatives who are willing to support the shared decision making process to improve student achievement through quality teaching and learning experiences.

Every Monday is School Spirit Wear!!!

Let's start the week off great by wearing our School Spirit Wear every Monday! Take a photo and post it on your classroom on Konstella. If you just want to share the photo with your class and not with the school, please add your photo to the folder that is called- DO NOT POST PICTURE! For classroom use only!

If you are new to the school, you will soon have the opportunity to purchase some amazing Silver Gate wear.


The new ST Math the metrics are primarily focused on minutes and puzzles. The switch to the puzzles and minutes metrics honors the effort students put into their learning. Students are able to set goals and track them weekly, taking ownership of their learning.

As they add new features to support increased personalization, like assignments, the number of puzzles and objectives each student encounters will differ. Therefore, percent progress is no longer a valid measure of student completion. Student sign on to ST Math through their clever account.

Resources: ST Math Academy

visit our blog

Facts for Parents

This flyer normally gets distributed at school for students to take home but this year it will be online. Please read over the Facts for Parents Booklet and click here to fill out the Universal Form.

From the Health Office!

From the Silver Gate Health office:

Hi parents: Every year we request that you fill out the health information exchange card for your students so that we are aware of any medical condition or health problem that your child may have. We also use it to confirm if we may give your child over the counter medication while at school. This year we are doing this form electronically. If you would please use these links to fill out the form this school year we would really appreciate it:



Please download the form, fill it out in adobe reader, save, and send to

Many thanks from your health office team,

Amy Elkind and Jasmine Finney.

Birthday Fundraiser!

Celebrate your child’s special day with a Birthday Shout-Out at school! Make your child a star for the day with their first name and a “Happy Birthday” displayed on the School Marquee on Catalina Blvd. All proceeds help fund the enrichment programs FSG supports at Silver Gate. Send in your request and Venmo at least 2 weeks prior to your child’s birthday.

Venmo $25 to @SilverGateFSG and include in the notes:

  • Student First & Last name

  • Birthdate

Supplies and Material Distribution


Date: September 23rd

Time: 12:00-3:00

We will have time slots for each grade level.

More details will come from each of your students teacher as not everyone might have materials or items to distribute

District and Website Changes!

You may have noticed a new look to our school website and district web pages. The district has transitioned to a new website platform. Please be patient as we make changes and “fixes” to pages and links that need to be moved from the old website to the new. See the link to SG website. Tracy Rebelo is doing an amazing job at updating the information.

Useful Resources


Please click on this button to access the SDUSD Back-to-School Guide.


As part of the SDUSD attempt to make distance learning a huge success, they are offering hotspots for any student that is struggling with their connection. Here is a link that outlines how to receive internet service to your home.

Parent Learning Menu

Parents have the opportunity to attend virtual learning sessions developed by our district. These sessions will cover how to navigate online learning tools, how to develop important structures for learning, and how to resolve technical issues.

I'M Glad You're Here!

I always kick off the year by showing this video to the students to let them know I'm Glad they are at Silver Gate. At the end of every Monday Morning Assembly, I ask everyone to turn to their neighbor and say " I 'm Glad You're Here!
Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here