United Somali Women of Maine

Health Disparities Facing Immigrants & Refugee's

Health disparities are attributed to a number of factors; Where a person lives, what language he/she speaks, his//her household income are only some of the characteristics that can contribute to differences in the way different racial and ethnic minorities receive care. Immigrants and refugees are no exception to the disparities faced by many groups in our nation. However, immigrants and refugees often encounter their own set of health risks as a result of exposure to infectious diseases in their country of origin in addition to the terms of their migration.

The health risks facing refugees poses as much health threat our communities as it does to our refugee & Immigrant populations. USWM invites all service providers to join our roundtable discussion regarding health disparities/existing initiatives in our state.

Health Disparities Facing Immigrants & Youth

Wednesday, Aug. 27th, 2-4pm

161 Marginal Way

Portland, ME

Conference Room: B