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1. Quicken 2016 Canadian Edition Offers More Features

Quicken 2016 Canadian edition for the desktop is now available. This release will contains a number of novel features as well as improvements to existing ones. With this you can now list the major changes in this new edition of Quicken 2016. Keep your eyes on these new exclusive features of Quicken and manage your accounts efficiently. So if you’re still using Quicken 2016 desktop but you have heard about this Canadian version of Quicken Online, then this is the right time for you to change over to it. The Quicken software is responsible for encrypting and securing data from the financial institutions to generation of reports and balance statements with your version of Quicken. Read more at http://www.scoop.it/t/quicken-help/p/4063594761/2016/05/09/888-846-6939-quicken-2016-canadian-edition-offers-more-features

2. Quicken Doubles Mac Engineering Team to Enhance OS X Version

Quicken is one of the most renowned software related to personal finance, and there are some big changes which enhance OS X application working. Initially it was announced that Intuit has sold Quicken to a Miami-based private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, which plans to double the personal finance tool's Mac engineering team in an effort to improve the 33-year-old software. With this sale, there are some big changes are in store for engineering teams working on the software. The investment group aims to bring Quicken for Mac closer in line with the Windows version. Exclusively, this equity firm now is planning to double the Mac engineering team and intends to bring the Mac app up at par with the Windows-based variant. Read more at http://www.instructables.com/id/888-846-6939-Quicken-Doubles-Mac-Engineering-Team-/

3. Quicken 2016 for Mac Offers Tracking of Financial Investment

Everything in this world is related to money. Without money you can’t survive, grow the business, and generate income. For sustaining in this world, you should have some skill sets to manage your money wisely. In order to manage efficiently and wisely, you can use personal finance management software. Earlier, all calculation was maintained manually, but now with the help of innovative finance tool you can hurdle free manage your personal finance. In the market, varieties of software are available which will help you to formulate debt calculations, calculate budgets, record expenses, and display graphs of transactions. Among many available software programs, Quicken 2016 for Mac software is considered as the best individual accounting software. Read more at http://quicken-help.com/quicken-2016-for-mac-offers-tracking-of-financial-investment/

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