Pig Farmer

All about what they do!


A Pig Farmers duty is to distribute feed, give medications, watch for illness or injury in the animals, and maintain the facility where the pigs are housed. They don't always work on the animal side of things they may also market the pigs, keep records, and transport the pigs to other farms or processing plants.

They may also consult large animal veterinarians to keep the pigs healthy, animal nutritionists and livestock feed sales representatives so the animals are receive the correct diet. Pig farmers may have the benefit of hiring employees to aid in raising the pigs. They create shifts for the employee and oversee the work they are doing. Overall they have many things to do seeing as they have to care for many animals.


  • Distribute Feed
  • Use Medication
  • Look for Illness or Injury
  • Maintain where pigs are held
  • If indoors, maintain temperature and ventilation
  • Assist with birth problems
  • Keep Records
  • Perform routine maintenance on machinery

Extra Skills & Personal Requirment

  • Ability to do some lifting, carry box of medicine to tug a crate of feed
  • Not afraid to get dirty, or smelly
  • Can handle being with animals
  • Correctly administer medicine
  • Some math skills may be necessary

  • Be able to work many hours, almost everyday of the week, and on holidays
  • May wan't to live nearby seeing as you will be working almost every day
  • Prepared to work in a somewhat unclean and smelly workplace
  • Able to communicate with other workers