Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rican Culture

Arawaks and Taínos, the original inhabitants of the island, thrived on a diet of corn, tropical fruit, and seafood. When Ponce de León arrived with Columbus in 1493, the Spanish added beef, pork (lechon asado!), rice, wheat, and olive oil to the island's foodstuffs. Soon after, the Spanish began planting sugarcane and importing slaves from Africa, who brought with them okra and taro (known in Puerto Rico as yautia). The mingling of flavors and ingredients passed from generation to generation among the different ethnic groups that settled on the island, resulting in the exotic blend of today's Puerto Rican cuisine.

Main Agriculture Products Grown Or Harvested.

Sugar cane products, coffee(the most harvested), and bananas.

Native Customs and Beliefs

Puerto Ricans are all about family, especially around the holidays. We are very festive. We show a lot of hospitality to people we don't know. We also have a lot of pride and are very stubborn and loud, but out of all that, we are very proud of our nationality. We will say we're a Puerto Rican loud and proud. The Culture is family, food, and music. There's so much food like arroz con gandules, arroz con dulce, and a popular one, carne guisada puertorriqueña which is a Puerto Rican beef stew. This might include green peppers, sweet chile peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro, potatoes, olives stuffed with pimientos, or capers.

Holiday Traditions

For holidays we eat lechon asado which is basically barbecued pig, which no holiday is complete without it. Pasteles are meat patties, THEY ARE SOOO GOOD. They are very common around Christmas as well. Coquito is a eggnog made with basically the same ingredients, it's very creamy and really good, i drink the virgin, but the alcoholic version is made with rum.