Mrs. Platz's Class Newsletter

May 13, 2016

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Looking Ahead

  • Mon. 5.16.16 First Grade Park Day (Weather Permitting)- Please bring a sack lunch, drink, and wear comfortable shoes!
  • Tues. 5.17.16 Last Day of School

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • reading and understanding how to use irregular verbs (write/wrote, sing/sang).
  • reviewing for our end of quarter math assessment (fractions, measurement, and graphs) .
  • learning about properties of magnets, north and south poles, and how the earth acts like a magnet when using a compass. We also explored with magnets, too. Ask your first grader how they did at trying to make a paper clip fly.
  • reading articles about insects we might see during the summertime. Ask your student what fireflies use their lights for?
  • finishing our 1st grade memory book. We voted and recorded some class favorites in our book.
  • sharpening the saw during our Pathfinder field day! Thank you, parent volunteers!
  • understanding what makes a kite fly. We made our own kites where we followed step-by-step directions. We even used rulers to mark some measurements on our kite. Great opportunity for us to apply some of our math skills we've practiced in school!
Kite Day!

Thank You!

I wanted to say thank you for sharing your son/daughter with me this year. As parents, we know that each year brings forth opportunities for our children to learn and grow in their independence. Sometimes they fall, and they need our support to get back on track. Sometimes they surpass even their own goals, and the pride that they feel is something that makes our heart want to burst with happiness. Sometimes they continue to struggle, and they need our coaxing and assurance that if they stay the course, they will reach their goals. I am honored that I was able to be a part of your child's journey this year. Thank you for your continued support at home this year. I wish your family a fun and safe summer break. I hope you all carve out a little extra time to Sharpen the Saw. Have a wonderful summer!
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Mrs. Platz

Have a Wonderful Summer!

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