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Fun is good! Yes, I do think my house calls are fun (for me) but not everyone agrees with me on that one. However if you are at all interested in creative re-use of things or giving honor and respect to family treasures,, I promise that these three shows on Netflix are delightful and FUN! They're all British so make a pot o' tea and enjoy!


China Dishware! - I recently met someone who buys china, among other things.I can't vouch that he will buy yours, but I was very glad to find him because the best I could offer clients who wanted to get rid of their china was their local facebook group or thrift shops. He is Alfred Rasch and his business is Dishfunctional! He takes furniture and housewares as well.

National friends: It looks as though one of the American Veterans organizations may pick up furniture in your neighborhood and then resell it in one of their thrift shops. Proceeds benefit veterans. Here is the link to find out if they are near you. offers alot of information on their website. It is a good one to roll around in to find all sorts of recycling info, local or national initiatives as well a a great podcast that address an assortment of issues. Spend some time there and see what good work is being done.


We've been told that we live in a paperless society but the truth is that we are all buried in it! I spend alot of time going through paper with more than a few clients. To get ahead of it all, I've got three challenges for you this month:

Challenge 1: As you prepare for 2019 taxes, can you immediately make folders for 2020: Paid Bills, Medical, Charity, Household, Pay Stubs, Business Expenses, etc and make these folders easy to use and easy to find? Bonus if you actually use them and file immediately rather than piling things up "for later." You know that later rarely comes and in the meantime, your papers have grown roots and are firmly planted in that same spot. For months.

Challenge 2: Can you be honest when your mail comes in and sort /recycle it immediately? Will you really be reading that magazine or will it go on top of last month's and the month's before. In fact, when was the last time you read it? Or those catalogues? AND - how many Bed Bath and Beyond coupons do you need and why are they next to your bed anyway?

Challenge 3: Are you keeping old notebooks and journals because you want to or think that you have to? You don't. A few years ago I discarded journals that I had kept way, way too long. They contained writing that got me through tough times and I thought I had to keep them. I read through them and they were painful. Then it hit me - WHY am I keeping these? Why do I need to revisit this? Sometimes I think we think we need proof that we are strong or proof that we are smart and that's why we keep these things. Truly -- if you never, ever go back to old journals or notebooks, get them out - acknowledge the "lessons learned" + onward. I promise that you will feel strong and smart for doing so.

Take my survey? Scheduling weekly Zap DeCluttering! Talks + Tips

I have been asked to start offering weekly online sessions in real time with live attendees. I'll share a decluttering strategy for the coming week, we'll discuss a sticking point and then see some before and after pictures.There would be no long term commitment, you would show up on the weeks you wanted. The fee is $10 for 30 minutes. You'll need venmo to pay and a computer/phone with access to Go To Meeting or be willing to download it.

The goal is to celebrate your decluttering successes and provide a safe environment for you to share and learn ab the process. If you think this work is hard, you are right. It is infinitely easier when you have a pal, or two, doing it along with you.

Please complete the survey if you are interested in possibly participating and I will get back to you when something takes shape.

THANKS + Rock on! You can do this! Better yet, let's do it together.

Ritualwell Immersion Series Continues! Next session begins 3/12

What a great way to learn and establish accountability. We meet monthly and use the Jewish calendar to anchor our decluttering. Our next session begins March 12th. You can join at any time. Added bonus: complimentary virtual decluttering session.

What I'm Thinking About These Days

Here's a short list:

  1. How much I LOVE this work!
  2. How lucky I am to share time and clear space with and for amazing people.
  3. How honored I feel to bear witness and make changes to your life whether you are downsizing, upsizing or yearning for clarity. As I always gratefully acknowledge: we are a team.
  4. I want more! Tell all your friends and neighbors. Remember, I offer virtual sessions.
  5. I keep learning so much. I have recently begun formulating some thoughts ab the decluttering needs and processes unique to Adult Children of Holocaust Survivors. I am thinking alot about this group and have had some intensely profound moments with amazingly beautiful people. I will probably do some writing about it so if you have thoughts or information to share, please do so through my email listed below.

Take good care and thank you -- Gari

Gari Weilbacher's DeClutter2DeLight!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari