The Harlem Renaissance

Dustin Harris

W.E.B. DuBois

- Leading voice in the African American community

- Found the NAACP

- Editor of The Crisis

- Help African Americans voice be heard and gain rights

Marcus Garvey

  • UNIA - Universal Negro Improvement Association
  • He wanted all black people to go to Africa and pull away from white people all together
  • They both were suspicious of each others work
  • He was charged with mail fraud in 1923, he went to jail in 1925, and was released in 1927, he was forced to leave the country
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Harlem Renaissance Artists

- Aaron Douglas

- One of his famous paintings is called Dance Magic

- The painting represents African Americans at night clubs during the Harlem Renaissance

- This painting was important because it showed african americans dancing towards the night club. It also showed the slavery aspect with the men in chains

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Harlem Renaissance Writers

  • Langston Hughes
  • A Raisin in the Sun
  • This writing is about a dream that is forgotten or left behind. What happens to it?
  • The writing is important because, alot of african americans had a dream that was left behind or not heard.
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Harlem Renaissance Musician

Louis Armstrong

  • Star Dust
  • This songs meaning is about Louis and the lonely nights he spends alone in bed
  • This song is important because a lot of african american males who were trying to do something with their life were separated from their families

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