Monochromatic Landscape

(Griffith Observatory) By: Matthew Argueta 2B

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Elements and Principles

The element of art I used in my work is color. I organized color to achieve the Principle of Design, Unity. Unity is a harmonious repeating of something in art. My artwork is made of tints and shades of green.

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History and Culture

The Griffith Observatory was built for a few reasons. Astronomy was getting big in the early 20th century. American astronomers believed that building the observatory on the top of the Hollywood hills was the best spot for the clear skies it gets. The construction of the observatory lasted around 1933-1935.

Art and Design

The Griffith Observatory's design is a dome-shaped building almost exactly in the middle of the entire building. After that, two more miniature dome-shaped buildings on the wings(Very ends of the building itself) with the exception on the left side were the majority of outdoor telescopes are, the telescopes only able to see the city at a better up-close view. The art is phenomenal indoors on the ceiling of the main dome, an Italian or a Greek-God artwork with many gods in the clouds. The outer shells of the domes are painted copper like and the main painting is a whitish color.

Personal Response

I personally chose this United States landmark because I visited my grandparents over the summer of 2014. We visited many cool places but what stuck to me was when we took a long trip to The Griffith Observatory. It was awesome to see all the cool things they had in the facility and overall I had a great time.