3rd Grade Tenacity

Metropolitan School of Panama 2014-2015

Back to School Night

Wednesday, Sep. 3rd 2014 at 5:45pm

104 Vía Vieja De Gajllard

Panama, Panama

There are two sessions for the Back to School evening. The first is from 5:45pm to 6:15pm and the second begins at 6:25pm and goes until 6:55pm.

This Week

We began this week during our Unit of Inquiry blocks by spending some time looking at the IB Learner Profile Attributes. Since these are inward attributes we want all students to strive to develop in their lives, we spent time reflecting on times when we demonstrated them and on attributes we wanted to focus on having more evidence of in our daily lives. On Friday morning, we shared times this week when we were able to be more "caring" or more of a "risk-taker." One student shared she felt she was "caring" during drama this week when she allowed a classmate to take a turn in front of her because she could tell he really wanted to go next. Another student shared of his dislike for avena as a snack at recess. Having chosen the attribute "risk-taker" as a focus for the week, he decided to try a little bit anyway. He did and he loved it!! We celebrated by clapping for each child as they shared their "weekly attribute focus" successes.

We also took some time to look at our central idea for the week. Key words that jumped out for some of the students were documenting, reflect and developed. We then talked about what a document was and from there shared ideas about what documenting things might mean. After that, we brainstormed ways that we might document how we have grown. The list of things they decided on ranged from photos to games and toys. The students understand that developed has to do with growth. They know that we develop and change over time. They know that they have abilities now that they were not born doing and that is an example of how they have changed over time. Throughout the week, the Tenacity class (your children!) have proven to be excellent reflectors!! I am very proud of their recollections and shared memories.

Finally, we ended the week by sharing our "Me in a Box" homework. It is always very insightful to see what the children share and there were many times when I had to stop in awe as they shared their culture, special family events and individual passions with enthusiasm and pride.

In Math, we reviewed several Addition fact strategies and did lots of practice. Students learned to use Ten Strips to calculate answers. They also began to improve their computation speed through practice and repetition.

During our Language times, we reflected on who we are and started reflecting and writing some poetry. We have also been reading a book called "Esperanza Rising." Based on real events, this book shares the life of a young lady named Esperanza. We will begin making a timeline of her life as we continue reading. This will be a good connection for the students themselves as they will make their own timelines in the coming weeks.


Homework for Tenacity students should be done throughout the week. It will be assigned on Mondays and is generally due on Friday. This week, please look for a reading log that a parent or guardian will need to sign as well as an assessment folder. Both the reading log and assessment folder only need to be seen by you and signed. In this way, I know you have seen how they have done and that they have completed the expected amount of reading each night.

A Few Reminders

Snacks: Students are allowed to bring snacks to school although the school provides delicious and nutritious snacks. If children prefer to bring something from home either for after school activities or for the morning break, the snack needs to comply with our healthy eating policy. Cookies, candy, chocolate, sodas, nuts (due to allergies on campus) and chips are not allowed.

Birthdays: I love having birthdays in my class and we are always happy to be part of a celebration. I just ask two things if we can celebrate with your child. The first is that you give me advance notice so we can plan for the best time. The second is that you provide the proper utensils for us to enjoy what you share. There are 19 children in our class at this time.

iPads: The children should bring them back to school with their chargers every day that they bring them home (except weekends of course!). If something happens to a device or charger, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will advise the IT department as needed.

Next Week

Next week we will begin brainstorming personal milestones. We will be making connections with our milestones to how we have changed and developed over time. The children will also be looking more at who they are and where they have come from. We will do this through poetry of various types.

In math, we will continue what we have been focusing on, addition fluency, as well as the concept of measurement as it relates to time as well as in distance.