Wetlands Are Wonderful

By: Jordan Lyall

Definition of Wetlands

Land consisting of marshes or swamps; saturated land.

Facts About Wetlands

  1. Provide habitat for a wide variety and number of wildlife and plants.

  2. Filter, clean and store water

  3. Collect and hold flood waters

A Description of a Bog

A bog is a type of wetland in which peat is formed. Peat is decay of organic material. Plants that grow there have to live in a waterlogged environment.
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A Description of a Swamp

The biggest difference between swamps and other wetlands are that trees grow in a swamp. Trees like willows can be found in a swamp. Swamps are often created when rivers overflow their banks.
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A Description of a Fen

In a fen the water is below the soil. Only a small amount of animals and birds can thrive in the fens environment, mostly amphibians live in a fen.
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A Description of a Marsh

Marshes is soil covered by shallow water, so plants grow from the soil underneath it. Many fish and amphibians thrive.
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Things That Live in a Bog

Moose-Not endangered


Nesting birds-not endangered


Newts not endangered



Things That Grow in Wetlands

Willow trees-grow in swamps

Sedges-grow in fens

Reeds-grow in marshes

Cattails-grow in marshes

Destruction of Wetlands

Urbanization-building cities

Logging-cutting down trees

Conservation of wetlands

If endangered species live in a wetland that wetland is protected by law

Towns and cities can protect wetlands in their area