The musician with a deep secret

Union County Tales


There was a

Musician, a very talented woman

but a lot of people thought she wasn't human

when she got onto stage

people began to rage

due to the amount of music she had made

everyday her music was played

by being on the radio she began to make

a lot of money and forgot the ache

the pain deep in her soul could not hide

what was really on the inside

born from a heartless mother

one that could never be with another

waking in the mid of the night

to find herself with such a fright

will she ever be like the rest

will she ever be able to leave her mother's nest

being in the spotlight makes her someone else

but at night her body make her want to melt

will she ever become the person she really wants to be

The tale of a second life

No one knows the secret that I hide within myself. The pain of waking up in the middle of the night and finding that ever vain in my body has turned black as a cold winter night. How will I ever get married, I can not let anyone see me like this. I long for someone to love me, for the real me. Not the person that everyone sees during the day, but someone who will accept me for being a monster at the mid of night. I was not always like this. I feel like I live a second life, one that I wish I could share with someone that I love. There is this boy that is in my chemistry class. The way his hair sways over his eyes when he turns to look out the window. I feel like he is in a dark place, he is smart he always knows the answer when the teacher calls on him. Something tells me that he is not the real him in this class. One day after school I finally get the courage to talk to him “hey!” I say as I approach him with my bookbag on my back. “Hey, you are the girl from class right?” He says looking at me like we have known each other since we were born. “Yeah I am, you seem like you hate the class!” I try to make conversation because deep inside I have the biggest crush on this guys. “Actually I love the class, I just do not know anyone so I kinda just stay to myself’

Something inside me wonders why does he stay to himself, is there something different about him or what. Later that week we hung out and we actually got along very well. After that day we hung out everyday and afternoon until about nine every night it has him he said he had to leave them, but that is always just fine to me because I have to be home by twelve or I become someone that no one will ever want to see. Tonight I asked him if we could stay out until elven because I longed to be in his presence at all time. This boy has made me go mad for him. He quickly rejected the idea and changed the subject I didn't really think of it until about a month later. We were dating then and fell asleep in the back of his pickup, we both did not mean to but we did. I remember waking up at 12:45 My body had already turned into the monster that it always does but I was very shocked when I looked over at him and his body looked the same as mine except his veins glowed like someone filled his body with a broken glow stick. He is like me! We can be together! He woke up and ran before he could see that I also looked the same. He didn't come to class the next week, he didn't answer any of my phone calls and when I walked to his house his mother said he was not home. One night I thought that maybe he does not want me to see his flaws. So I waited until after twelve and I walked in the dark of the night. Five blocks away my breath taken away from the cold crisp air. I looked up into his window and saw that his room was glowing. I climbed up to his window knocking on it and entering. He saw me and looked at himself as if he felt like it was ok. “Your veins are black, mine are green I thought I would never find someone like me! Not in this world” he says as he touches my arm feeling the grooves in the ugliness of my skin. “ I know me either, it is so hard to live a double life, people think we are one person but there is this second person inside of us that few almost no one has ever seen” I say. After that night we never separated again we knew we were meant to be together we could be us and not have to live two lives with the ones we love anymore.

Finding out that he to has the same issues as me helps me believe that there may actually be someone out there for me. He knows the way I feel he knows what hurts and the pain of imagining how people will think of yourself when they find out your secret. He is the one for me

Character analyst

  • while pondering about what character I would create I thought about the real world and today's society. In today's spotlight there are people that many are fond of, but deep inside there are things that not even the biggest fan would know. Being a star means everyone knows your business, everyone knows all of your background . I would have to believe that no one would know everything about you. Many stars have that one secret that they wish would never get out. It may be that they were in jail in their younger years or maybe that they failed high school. A lot of those secrets could change the view of how their fans look at them. Being in the spotlight means that you are a role model to many and disliked by a lot. I believe that every person has something inside that they would not want anyone to know. There always has to be a boundary, a wall that no one can go behind.

  • Someone famous is a prime example of people who live two lives. There is nothing wrong with having a second life, maybe because you need privacy or you need to be able to be the true you. If you are always in the spot light there is never a day that you can walk around town and not be bombarded by people asking how you are doing or asking for a autograph. By having that second life may even feel like a second world. People are able to be the ones who they really want to be. It must be hard trying to always be someone that people like, always be a good role model, always be successful. In this world if you are not successful then people will eat you alive, they do not care. People have less morals in today's society typically everyone feels like they are fighting against the world. Which may be why stars have a second hidden life so that they can live without being torn apart.