PBL-4 War On Drugs

Eran Baze_,Andrew Quick,_Dalton Fredregill

Join our war aginst Drugs

How can we make a more efficent plan to stop south america drugs from entering East Texas? We can put more policemen at the border,and more drug dogs.We also need to search every vehicle that enters from south america and mexico. We need to put a camera in the middle of the gate that has thermal sight. They need to put an airport right beside the border so planes can land and they can search the plane. They need to search boats for drugs when their docked. By: Andrew Quick

Drug Abuse

more than 350 people have been arrested in Lufkin and Huntington just this year...

:{ over 60% of these drugs are illegaly brought into the U.S from South America.We must stop people from smuggling drugs into our country.

Made By:Eran Baze

What I learned

I learned that drugs are bad. That drugs are crossing the border constant.by Andrew q

I learned about the many horrible things drugs can do to you.I also learned that people keep on smuggling drugs into our country......Eran

I learned that drugs are crossing into are country and we need to stop that . By Dalton