Chapter 14 Project

By Cody Wittig

Common Toys in Russia at this time

One of the most common toys in Russia is the Matryoshka, Nesting or Babushka Dolls. The first nesting doll was believed to be made in Moscow in 1890. It was made up of 8 decreasing sized dolls and were placed inside of each other. The first one(inside-smallest) was a baby, the next size up was a boy, the next 5 were girls and the last one(outside-biggest) was a girl holding a rooster. They were made for mainly kids but over time it turned into a big thing and everyone bought them. They were a little pricey so they were mainly bought for special occasions. They were mostly made up of linden or birch and were painted when done. It took a lot of time, work and help to make these dolls. To make these you usually start with the smallest one first and try to keep the theme of the dolls the same. On average the dolls consider not less than 5 dolls.

Games played in Russia

  • One game they play is Boaire which is similar to Red Rover to us.
  • Another is P'yanitsa which is like the card game War to us.
  • In Russia fipe is like tag to us.
  • We call it red light, green light they call it traffic light.
  • Cossacks and Robbers is just like cops and robbers.

My reaction

My reaction to this project is pretty surprising. I thought this project was cool and fun to learn about because there games are pretty similar to ours. It was also cool that the Russian dolls were so popular and pricey. When I went to Poland they actually had a ton of those and my grandma had some in her house.

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