Principal's Newsletter

Sam Barlow High School ~ November 2018


Is it really November? It is unbelievable how fast a school year can go. It seems like we were just welcoming students into the building, finalizing schedules, and enjoying fall sports in the warm sun of September. Yet here we are with the cold east wind kicking in at the dawn of winter. Time just flies.

October and November can be challenging months for students. The newness of the school year has worn off, school has become a “routine”, and sometimes that results in settling into patterns of procrastination and complacency. During this time, it is great to ask your student to show you what they are doing in class, to explain what they have learned, or to simply sit down in a relaxed environment without technology or distractions and have a conversation. While it often time seems they don’t want us around, that is not the case, our kids want us to ask those questions as it lets them know we really care. Our kids are only with us for a fraction of their lives, the time we spend investing in them now will have a lasting impact on their future. Remember, time flies.

Progress Reports

As you know, this year we are working to move to sending progress reports through ParentVue. I am hopeful that you have all received this information, and have either accessed your student’s progress report or contacted us to sign up for ParentVue. While it is important to see how your student is doing in a progress report, it is even more important to have the ability to monitor their progress on a regular basis. ParentVue enables you to do just that.

Do you know if your student has improved their grades? Fallen behind? If the answer is

“No”, there is a tool that you can use to find out about your student’s performance. ParentVue is a system that enables you to get up to date information on your student’s grades, attendance, and information about class assignments. This is an invaluable resource that can help you partner with your student and their teacher to monitor progress and set goals. I consistently use this application for my student, as well as for working with other students at Barlow.

You can find the free app in iTunes or Google Play. Simply go to those sources and search for “ParentVue”. Please send Teresa Juden an email that includes your student’s name at: so she can send you an activation code for this information. Once your account is activated, you can access this information on either your computer or mobile device. If you have multiple students in the district you will be able to access all of their information from the same screen.

Parent Teacher Conferences

I wanted to personally invite all of you to our Parent Teacher Conferences that will be held in our gym on the evening of Tuesday, November 20th and the morning of Wednesday, November 21st. This is a great opportunity to meet our staff, talk to teachers who work with your student, to learn about our programs, and to pick up your student’s twelve-week grades. We will send you a detailed email outlining specific times and the conference format as we approach the November 20th date. We hope to see you there.

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 7:30 am - 11:15 am

  • Upon your arrival proceed to the Cafeteria to pick up 12-week progress reports. (The one time we will print.)

  • Teachers will be located alphabetically throughout the gym.

  • A 5-minute time limit is set with each of your student's teachers.

  • Due to coaching responsibilities and part-time status, some teachers may have modified schedules.

The Counseling Office and the Main Office will be open during conferences.

The Epidemic of Vaping

I am sure you have all either heard from your student, or seen in the news, that the use of electronic smoking devices are quite popular. “Vaping” is not acceptable at school or at school sponsored events. We are working quite hard to both monitor and control the use of these devices on campus and at school events. However, due to the size of these devices, and the fact that they don’t leave a lingering odor, it is difficult to detect when students are actually using these devices. Because of that, we are reliant on reports from students and staff.

Regardless of what you have been told, this is not a healthy habit. While some may think it is just vapor and is harmless, it has been proven that some of the chemicals in the vape liquid (“juice”) is in fact harmful. Also, if the juice contains nicotine, it is addictive, just like all other substances that contain nicotine. No matter how you look at it, vaping is not healthy.

In order to help deter students from doing this at school, we are implementing a new discipline strategy. As a first offense, the student will be given a day of In-School Suspension. If there is a second offense, the student will be suspended, given a citation (a $210.00 bill) and referred to the Multnomah County Peer Court. After appearing in Peer Court, the student will have to complete whatever “sentence” they are given. That might be community service, tobacco diversion, etc. As long as they follow the directives of the Peer Court, the citation will be dropped. If the student does not follow through with the Peer Court’s verdict, they will be fined and the citation is put on their record. If there is a third offense, the student will be suspended from school and given a citation that will automatically go on their record. Ultimately, we are trying to let students know that we care about their health and will take large steps to ensure their safety. Also, we are sending the message that we will not tolerate this type of behavior any longer as other students in our building have the right to attend a school where they are not forced to endure other’s poor choices.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact me at 503.258.4850. Please note that we are working to provide a parent workshop to better educate families about vaping and other products that may inhibit our student’s from reaching their full potential. Until that time, you can access the following link to learn more about vaping:


We have several new staff members at Sam Barlow High School that we are excited to introduce to you. We will be featuring four of them in each of our next three newsletters. This month, we would like to introduce:

  • Samantha Chin, Computer Apps & AVID 9
  • LindaLee Frazier, Career Coordinator
  • Samantha Mann, Culinary Teacher
  • Robert Mouw, Special Education Teacher

My name is Samantha Chin. I teach Computer Applications and AVID 9. I teach Microsoft Office, Typing, iMovie, Adobe Creative Cloud, Web Design and AVID 9 for the current year. I came from Skyiew High School in Vancouver, WA as a Graphic Design, Sports Marketing and Business Law teacher. This is my 3rd year teaching and while challenging, I love it.

I went to college for my BFA at the Art Institute of Portland and my Master's of Education at Concordia.

Before working in a school district, I spent 11 years working in advertising and television. While glamorous, it was still a lot of work and not as rewarding as teaching has been.

School is the one place I feel I'm not in a job, but a place where I can learn and teach at the same time. I love my students and love helping them to grow! It's a very rewarding and I love cultivating those relationships.

I love being a Bruin because the classroom culture and staff culture is off the charts! I have never felt so welcome in an environment.

As the new Career Coordinator for Sam Barlow, I am creating new options for our students to learn about careers that they can pursue. I am calling the new options "Career Experience Tours." These tours are usually free, and I am trying to give a wide variety of experiences. We offer transportation so a small group of 14 can attend, we go to a business or school to learn about different careers, the education process to go into that field, and the chance to understand what that career has to offer, both the good and the bad. Sometimes we have a hands-on part of the tour. It is my hope that students are given the chance to learn about the things that interest them and have their eyes opened to new opportunities and careers. Here are the tours currently open for sign ups in the next two months: Paul Mitchell the School on November 14th, Oregon Culinary Institute (small fee of $10.00 for lunch) on December 4th, Gresham Fire Department on December 5th, and NW College of Construction on December 13th. All this is offered by the College and Career Center, see LindaLee Frazier for sign-ups or more information. You can also check out our page on the Sam Barlow Website.

My name is Samantha Mann, but my students call me Chef Sam. After graduating from culinary school, I worked professionally as a pastry chef for several years. I've spent the last three years teaching culinary arts classes at Kodiak High School in Kodiak, Alaska. I love getting to know the students and seeing their excitement when they master a new recipe. This year at Barlow is my 4th year teaching, and I'm excited to teach at a school that is surrounded by such a vibrant and thriving food culture.

Robert Mouw

-I teach Special Ed and have been at it for 25 years

-Went to college at Oregon State

-Worked last in Portland Public Schools

-Both my parents were teachers, so I've been around teaching my whole life.

-I enjoy developing the relationships with students.

- I have really enjoyed the amazing staff at Barlow.


Each year the state of Oregon produces a report card based on a variety of indicators to illustrate how a school is doing compared to state goals. Please download the document below to read more about Sam Barlow's state report card.


Take advantage of the several opportunities coming up to support your Barlow Bruin teams!

Friday, November 2nd

Boys Water Polo will be in Corvallis Or, competing in the state playoffs at the Osborn Aquatic Center. The #8 ranked Bruins take on the #9 ranked Sheldon Irish at 10:20am. If the boys win they will take on the winner of # 1 ranked Newberg and # 16 ranked Grant. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors 65+, only OACA gold cards are excepted for free admission.

Varsity Football will host its first home playoff game since 2011. The # 12 ranked Bruins will host the #21 ranked Beaverton Beavers at Gresham High School, game time is 7pm. Due to it being an OSAA playoff game no ASB, league or district passes will be excepted only OSAA passes and OACA gold cards. Admission for the game is $8 for adults and $5 for students the gates open to the public at 5:30pm.

Saturday, November 3rd

Girls Water Polo will be in Corvallis Or, competing in the state playoffs at the Osborn Aquatic Center. The #2 ranked Bruins will take on the #15 ranked Sprague Olympians at 12:40pm. If they win they will take on the winner of #7 ranked Lakeridge and # 10 ranked Sunset at 7:40pm. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors 65+, only OACA gold cards are excepted for free admission.

Girls Soccer will be playing in their first state Quarter Final matchup since 2007, when they travel to West Linn. The #7 ranked Bruins will take on the #2 ranked Lions at 2pm at West Linn High School. Due to it being an OSAA playoff game no ASB, league or district passes will be excepted only OSAA passes and OACA gold cards. Admission for the game is $8 for adults and $5 for students the gates open to the public at 1:00pm.

Cross Country will be competing this Saturday (11/3) in Eugene at Lane Community College in the State Championships. Running for the boys will be: Charlie Bailey, Evan Delacruz, Cade Kooch, Connor Roop, Jacob Roop, Colton Swift and Parker Waugh. Running for our girls team will be Janessa Teachout. The girls race is scheduled to begin at 2:55pm and the boys will begin at 3:30pm with awards following the race. Due to it being an OSAA Championship no ASB, league or district passes will be excepted only OSAA passes and OACA gold cards. Admission for the championship is $8 for adults and $5 for students.


What are the office hours?

7:00am - 3:30pm daily

Closed on holidays and some inservice days

What is the main office number?


Can I leave a message for my student?

Yes. If necessary, we can take messages from a parent or guardian only. Messages will not be delivered to class except in an emergency, but will be held in the office. Students are paged during designated paging times, and it is the student’s responsibility to pick up the note.

Can I bring a present or send flowers/balloons to a student?

We are unable to accept gifts, flowers/balloons for students. We will refuse all attempted deliveries.

Additional questions?

Please call us! 503-258-4850


We are receiving increased reports of students driving recklessly after leaving the school parking lot. Local law enforcement has been notified and has increased their presence before and after school. We are making regular announcements during school, but we need your help as well. PLEASE talk to your student driver about safe driving habits. Help us keep our students safe!

Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off Guidelines

We still need parents to cooperate during student drop-off and pick-up times. We have worked to create a safer and more streamlined pick-up and drop-off experience, but this experience can only be successful if parents adhere to the guidelines. We have attached those guidelines to this newsletter for your review.

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Over 60 million people worldwide have fallen in love with the characters, the story and the music that make MAMMA MIA the ultimate feel-good show! ABBA's hits tell the hilarious story of a young woman's search for her birth father. This sunny and funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter's quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother's past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

Sam Barlow Theatre Department will be one of the first high schools in Oregon to produce this high energy show, so reserve your seats ASAP! If you are a fan of ABBA's music, join us on Friday, November 16th for our SING-A-LONG performance where audience members can sing together to their favorite songs with lyrics provided.

The storytelling magic of ABBA's timeless songs such as Dancing Queen, Take A Chance On Me, The Winner Takes It All and Waterloo propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable show.



Sam Barlow recognizes students who have shown their Bruin PRIDE by awarding a Student of the Month for each grade level. Students can be nominated for Student of the Month by receiving a PRIDE Note from a staff member throughout the month. The staff then votes for one male and one female student from each grade to receive this recognition. Our outstanding Students of the Month for September are:


Alexis Zurita Mendoza

Gisell Chanocua


Joel Kludt

Chasity Miles


Evan Inglesby

Sequoia Boom


Eddy Tell-Hernandez

Kim Dawson

Parent Information Meeting for Boys Basketball

Monday, Nov. 5th, 6pm

Sam Barlow High School Room 210, Southeast 302nd Avenue, Gresham, OR, USA

The meeting will be held in Room 210. If you have questions, please email Tom Johnson at Barlow.


Outside food and beverages are not allowed at school events (games, dances, etc.). This includes Dutch Bros, Starbucks, Burgerville, etc. Please be sure you finish your food and drinks before arriving.


Great Books At the Movies Contest

To celebrate the release of the big-screen adaptations of Ready Player One, The Hate U Give, The Darkest Minds and Black Panther, our Library will be holding a contest giveaway of the original books that these blockbuster movies are based on. Students just need to check out a Library book during November to enter their name in the contest. The official drawing for the prizes will be held during the last week in November. Check the SBHS Library Events webpage for more details.

Contest prizes:

One special movie edition of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

One special movie edition of The Hate U Give by A.C. Thomas

One special movie edition of The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

One copy of the graphic novel Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze

Barlow Veterans Display in the Library - November 2018

Veterans Day Display

Every November, the Library Staff at Barlow assembles a Veterans Day Display that showcases the contributions of the Barlow Staff and their families to the defense of our nation. We have been doing this particular activity for over two decades and it has always been well received by students, staff and community members. It’s a great way to honor our local heroes and shows a different side of our staff that our students don’t often get to see. If you happen to be in the building during the month of November, please take a few minutes and come to the Library to have a look. The Library will be open the morning of Parent Conferences on November 21st, so please swing by and check us out! Pictures of this month-long display will also be on-line on the SBHS Library Events web page found on our Barlow Library/Media Center website.

Who Can Help?

If you have concerns about your child’s schedule or other issues, the following are the staff to contact. Email is a quick way to get answers to the questions you might have.


A-E Michelle Kahan

F-J Erin Boelow

K-Ra Oscar Rethwill

Re-Z Molly Ninneman


Kimberly Louvin


Paul Quirke


Karen Galicia


Ryan Alexander


A-G Cheeri Schacht

H-O Tim Collins

P-Z Kelly Hart


Whether your student has the years beyond high school decided or not, your College & Career Center has information and resources to help you and your student chart their path. Patty and LindaLee are experts at helping our students explore all of the opportunities available to them and will walk alongside them and guide them through the necessary steps. Don't let this precious resource go untapped!

Read about upcoming events and opportunities in the C&CC News document below.

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Class of 2019, Welcome to your senior year!

This year will be busy and filled with challenges and excitement for your future. Your College & Career Center is here to assist you on your journey. We will work hard to answer your questions and make your senior year a fun and productive one.

Applying to College-First Steps:

  • Visit a wide variety of schools now so you can determine the right fit for your future.

  • Make sure the colleges you are considering have the programs you want.

  • Pay attention to application deadlines. Start a calendar of due dates. Many schools have an early application deadline of November 1.

  • Ask for letters of recommendation from counselors, teachers, employers, etc. (Do not wait until the fall to do this. Ask now!)

  • Request an official transcript from the registrar, after your final grades have posted, or use your Common Application to request an electronic version through your Naviance account.

  • Apply to colleges using Naviance or directly on a college’s website.

  • Make sure your SAT or ACT test scores are where you need them to be. Re-test, if necessary, in the fall. Send your scores to schools. Either test is acceptable.

  • Complete an activity chart/resume to use for college applications and scholarships.

  • Research financial aid options and learn more about the FAFSA, your primary source of college funds.

FAFSA-What is it and how do I get ready to apply?

The FAFSA is open now! There are funds available for many students and a variety of post high school programs. In addition, several scholarships require completing the FAFSA application. Students who wish to apply for the Oregon Promise (free tuition assistance to Oregon Community Colleges) will need to complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible.

The Oregon Promise application can be found at Applicants must have 2.5+ GPA at the time of graduation, plans to attend college within 6 months and have completed the FAFSA or ORSAA. This application will open soon.

  • Students and parent(s) will need to create a FSA ID number. Go to: Students and parent(s) will need to know social security numbers, birthdates and full legal names to create a FSA ID at:

Students need access to 2017 tax information for themselves and parent(s) to complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA.

Please see the College and Career Center News attachment for upcoming FAFSA workshop dates.


Last chance for Grad Order 11/26

Last Day for Seniors 6/4

Graduation 6/11 5:00 PM - Memorial Coliseum

You can access a lot of information regarding your student's senior year by visiting the Senior Information page on our website.

There is a lot of work that goes into throwing a great All-Night Party for our graduates. We would love to have as many of you as possible attend our meetings and help out in any way that you can. There are a lot of different tasks, both big and small, that we could use your help with. If you can't attend a meeting, please send an email to , and let us know how you might be able to help out.

The next meeting is Monday, November 29th @ 6:30pm.


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