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Apps for K-12 Classrooms


Evernote is a free app that is available for download on desktop and mobile phones. Its many functions include making notes, capturing photos, and saving web pages and files so that you can "Remember Everything"! The app allows you to organize all of the content that you have stored, and you also have the option to share what you have created. "Everything you put in Evernote is synced between your phone, tablet, and computer."

This app would be very useful for a teacher who is first introducing mobile learning to a classroom. Since Evernote is available for download on every device, all students can have the option to record the subject matter that is covered in class. They can choose from a variety of features on the app, whether it is using the camera, or placing reminders for future assignments and tests. Evernote takes the basic utilities of a smartphone, and renders them applicable for education.

Evernote Overview


The second app that would be a great addition to the classroom is Quizlet. Like Evermore, Quizlet is available for use on their website, and it is also free to download the app on mobile devices. They focus on providing effective study tools that students can use to help enhance their studying methods.

Users from all over the world have recommended Quizlet as a incredibly easy and helpful, using the app to build online flashcards, matching games, practices quizzes, and so much more! They have even progressed into including audio technologies, which is a great function for auditory learners.

Check out this Quizlet demo! Demo


Sparknotes is a distinguished site among students who are in need of resources for English class. The app takes 50 of their website's most popular study guides and makes them available for students to make use of right on their smart phones! Even if the literature you are looking for is not one of the first 50, they give you the option to download the work that you are looking for.

Another bonus about using their app is that you are joining an online community! Users can share their knowledge about the content no matter where they are, and stories surrounding pop culture are a popular feature on their website.

Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Hamlet Summary


Dropbox is a program that immediately lets you "drop" any sort of file, whether it is a word document, photo, or video, into a folder that can be shared with anybody you give access to. Having a Dropbox for your classroom would make it easy for teachers share any of the resources that are used, or required, for class. People are now being able to share and access files from anywhere with their app for smart phones!
What is Dropbox?


Lastly, there is Twitter! Twitter would be an excellent way to communicate with many different people as one of the most popular social media websites whose number of users only continue to rise. Because it is so well known among the youth today, teachers can nearly guarantee ease of use with this app. Many students may already have it downloaded on their phone, so why not include familiar features in the classroom?

Watch how Twitter can be used for education!

Twitter in Education