TKM Multi-Genre Research Project

English I and English I Pre-AP

Working on a Chromebook and need to authenticate the filter to access your photos?

Rubric and Assignment Details

Click here to view the assignment rubric and specific instructions.

Also available in the Google Classroom. You will turn this assignment in through Google Classroom when you are finished.

For this assignment you will:

  • Choose a main focal image on a chosen topic.
  • Research and write a summary of main events on the topic (6-9 sentences).
  • Research and write a cause/effect AEC document on the topic (6-9 sentences).
  • Locate or create an advertisement or poem in relation to the topic.
  • Locate or create a song or video related to the topic.
  • Create an annotated bibliography of all sources.
  • Link all items to the main focal image using ThingLink.

Start With an Image

  1. Perform a Google image search on your topic.
  2. Click "Search Tools" at the top.
  3. Click "Usage Rights" at the top and choose "Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification."
  4. Select an image that has many conversation points.
  5. Right click and save the image on your H drive.
  6. Click "Visit Page" and use that info to create your citation on Easy Bib (You will include the URL too).
  7. On Easy Bib, click "All 59 Options" and "Digital Image". Fill in the blanks and create the citation. Copy the citation to a Google doc Bibliography page you create.

Do your Research and Create Your Items

  • Create your summary and cause/effect documents as separate Google Docs.
  • Keep your Bibliography as a separate Google Doc as well.
  • Create a Google Doc to keep the links you find to videos, poems, or audio clips so that they will be in the same place.
  • Be sure to adjust the share settings on each document to allow anyone with the link to view (no need to share with anyone).
  • When you are linking these docs to the main image later, you can use the share link.

Research Tools

Print Materials

Find these on the cart or search the catalog here.


Use the Website Evaluation Checklist to evaluate these and other online sources.


To access databases at home, log in to Mackin Via with your ID number and birthdate.

Citation Generators

When Your Research is Complete:


  1. Watch the instructional video on setting up and using ThingLink.
  2. Open a free Thinglink account here.
  3. Click "Create+" at the top.
  4. Copy and paste the URL of your image into Thinglink or Upload.
  5. Title your project with topic/names/teacher/class period. (ex: Jim Crow Laws/John Smith and Nancy Jones/Grandell/2A)
  6. Link your research items to the photo at the appropriate spots by clicking on the image (put some thought into this.)
  7. Click "Edit Image" and then "Sharing Settings" at the bottom.
  8. Set the image visibility as "unlisted" and then click "close" and "Save".
  9. Click "Share" and copy the link. This is what you will turn in to your teacher in the Google classroom.