New York

Come and settle here!

Come settle in the best colony in the world.

We of New York have some of the finest history around. In the beginning, we were settled by the Dutch-- who, if you don't know, have some of the best food around-- until around 1664, when what was New Amsterdam was conquered by the British and changed to New York. The British were nice, however, and welcomed the Dutch people to remain where they were- and thus is the reason why New York is so tolerant of different religions; there are various peoples that reside there. Primarily, New York was colonized by the Dutch solely for the reason of trade; they were in a competition against big powers such as England, an believed that having a spot in the New World would be ideal.


Our geography is ideal to your needs; it provides the perfect conditions for any job you may want. In the notheast of the New York colony, there are awe-striking mountains, beautiful to see in the sunrise and sunset. There are several mines located in these mountains, especially for coal and iron ore. Along the eastern and southern borders there are lowlands; ideal for farming and agriculture. Finally, New York also borders the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to several cities such as Albany and New York that offer many industrial jobs.

Thanks to our geography, a booming economy has developed here. We have the best land around, and the appeal of New York attracts many settlers. Because New York is next to the sea, access is fairly easy and trade is a big part of life- bringing rich goods and satisfaction all around.


New York has a governer appointed by the King of England and an elected assembly. It also has freedom of religion.

Guaranteed success for you, your family, and future generations to come.

Major Event: The Discovery of Beauty

Lake Champlain, located in the northeastern region of New York, was named after Samuel de Champlain who explored New York back in 1609 and discovered the lake.

Major Event: Yellow Fever

In 1702, there was a Yellow Fever Epidemic that killed more than 500 people.

New York

Coordinates: 40.7127° N, 74.0059° W