Exciting News!!


Return to In-Person Instruction Next Week???


Today, our COVID case rate per 100,000 finally came down to 350! That is great news. We can return to in-person learning if the rate remains UNDER 350/100,000 (from 50-350 cases/100,000). Assuming we continue the downward trajectory and do not have any spikes this week, we will be ready to return to full, in-person learning for ALL STUDENTS (through Grade 8) next Monday, Feb. 1st. This is the perfect way to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. So, the plan is this...

  • IF the numbers stay under 350/100,000 for this WHOLE WEEK, then we will ALL return next Monday, Feb. 1st for full days of in-person instruction.
  • IF the numbers bump up and we cannot stay under 350/100,000 for this WHOLE WEEK, then we will continue watching the numbers and remain hybrid for grades 3 - 8 until they remain down for a whole week.

Special Notes:

Please remember that Thursday and Friday, Feb. 4th and 5th are noon dismissal days for Grades 1 - 8 for conferences, so those will NOT be full days. Students will dismiss at 12 pm those days.

PK - Grade 2 will continue to be full days in person, regardless of the numbers.

Please see the Dept of Health guidance from Dec. 2020 below, which is our guidance on these matters.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Don't forget to follow the daily numbers so you can watch them to see how the plan will go for next week! You can locate them at: https://www.tpchd.org/healthy-people/diseases/covid-19-pierce-county-cases

Once we return, hopefully we can stay put. If the numbers bump up, we will watch it for a 2 week period so do not worry if there is a high day or 2. Let's stay in the Moderate Zone!

Katie Dempsey


Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

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