East News Flash

September 25, 2018

This East News Flash includes important information about Homecoming.

The Homecoming Dance is on Sept. 29 from 8-11 in the gym. Tickets for Homecoming are now available for purchase through Parent Portal. Students may purchase one or two tickets now through Wednesday, September 26 at 5:00 PM. Tickets ordered online must be picked up in the cafeteria on Thursday or Friday during lunch (A and B) in person with ID. If two tickets have been purchased, EITHER both East students must pick up the tickets and show their IDs, or an East student must present his or her ID along with an approved guest form. All other tickets will be sold A/B lunches on Thursday, 9/27 & Friday 9/28. You must have a current PISD ID & cash only. Tickets are $25 BEFORE the dance or $35 at dance for only current East students with an ID.

To purchase a ticket on Parent Portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Parent Portal
  2. Go to Student Registration
  3. Click on the student’s name
  4. The next screen will be the one with all the checkmarks from the beginning of the year registration
  5. Go to last check mark where there should be an option to click Pay Now (if you do this on a phone, you may need to enable Popups)
  6. Next, you should be able to choose whether you want to purchase 1 or 2 tickets.

Please follow the procedures below if you are bringing a date from another school:

  1. You will need to pick up a NON-PESH guest form from your sub school.

  2. Give form to your guest to take to their school, have it completed by their principal.

  3. PESH student will submit to their sub school along with a copy of guest’s picture ID. PLEASE NOTE: Guest over 21 will not be approved.

  4. Approved or not, student will be notified once form is signed by their principal.
    Requests can take up to two days for processing.