Janie Pendleton`s Life Flyer

Do unto others as you would havethem do to you.

What am I good at?

My skills are basically drawing, animating, and designing. My values are loyalty, creativity,

and friendships. Those are my best values. My interests are along the lines of Art,Competer, and Communications. I think I have a pretty good self-esteem since I am social! My learning tyle is by seeing and hearing so that I get whats going on.

All of these things should be considered when desiding on a career because you need a job that you want! You want a job that you can be happy with!

My Career As A... Animator

What`s It About?

Animating is basically when you make a cartoon.The annual wage is about $61,370. The job outlook is about 6%. The cluster is Arts,Adio-Video,And Communications. The work scedule is about 8 hours a he work day. The work enviorment is in a office in dim light. Something interesting about this career is that in most jobs, you can not talk, but you have to as an animator!

More About Me.

The college I want to go to is called UCA. It is located in Arkansas. I want this college because it is located in my home state! If you want to be an animator, you at least have to have a High School Deploma. It costs about $2,373 to enroll at UCA. I hope to someday qualify for a Bachelors Degree.