Pack 629 Popcorn Newsletter

Issue #1 - 8/23/15

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Why is our pack selling popcorn?

Popcorn Sales help fund our scouting program (Pack and Council Level) while giving each Scout an opportunity to earn their way. Up to 35% of sales go into your Scout account as Pack Points!

If you sell $500, then $175(35%) goes into the Scout account as Pack Points towards annual dues, camping trips, and other Pack events.

If Pack sells 10% more than last year, Pack will receive additional 3% and will go towards a fun Pack activity to celebrate!

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How Can I sell popcorn?

You can sell popcorn in several ways:

1) Online Sales - Create an online selling account on

Use the following info when setting up your online account:

Council = Atlanta Area

District = Northern Ridge

Unit = Pack 0629 (do not enter Troop 629!!!)

2) Show & Sell - Set up a display with products at a storefront for people to purchase as they walk by. We are working on 4 weekend dates at local businesses (Kroger, Sam’s Club, etc). Keep an eye out for emails regarding sign-ups.





3) Show & Deliver – Carry products with you as you visit customers. The customer purchases the products from you, and you collect the money right then and there. If your den would like to do this, you must place popcorn orders with Mandy Nicolosi ( or Robert McGuigan ( by 8/25/15.

4) Take Orders – Door-to-Door selling with a “take order” form. Take your neighbor’s order and return with their popcorn at a future delivery date.

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When? Dates to Remember

Show and Sell Order Deadline: Monday, August 25th

Show and Sell Distribution: Saturday, September 12

Show and Sell Dates: Weekends between September 12 and October 4

Take Order Dates: Between Now and October 4

Take Orders and Checks Due: Monday, October 5

Take Orders Distribution: Saturday, November 14

*Why* are popcorn orders due by 10/5?

This is to allow popcorn sales and "Pack Points" to be reconciled by the November Pack meeting. This will allow your scouts to use their Scout Account and "Pack Points" towards annual re-charter dues that will be collected at the November Pack meeting.

How customers pay for popcorn?

Customers should pay you either in cash or check written to the scout's parent.

How do scouts pay for all popcorn orders they are turning in?

Add up all the cash and checks written to you, and deposit this to the parent's account.

Then Parents should turn in the popcorn order sheet to your den's popcorn rep with ONE check payable to Pack 629. The check total should equal the amount of cash and checks that you deposited.

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Pack Prizes for top sales!


  • The Tiger Den and non-Tiger Den with highest average sales gets Pizza Party for Den.


  • Sell more than $750 and you can throw pie in Cub Master’s face!
  • Tiger Scout with highest sales gets $10 iTunes or Amazon card
  • Top seller in Pack: Fishing Rod
  • 2nd top seller in Pack: Outdoor Watch
  • 3rd top seller in Pack: Sunglasses


Contact your Den Popcorn Rep or Robert McGuigan at

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