Math Smore

Week of November 2-4


1. Complete IXL D.6 Score must be 75% or higher (Continue until you have the score you

are happy with)

2. Complete the Task Cards around the Room. Answer sheet is attached to your contract.

3. Go to Buzz Math through Clever on the Resources page. You will need to put in this code: DCAA-3BAB

Then, you will complete the Buzz Math that I have assigned to you.

Thursday and Friday

1. Complete the task cards around the room. Your recording sheet is attached to your contract. Use the back of your paper to draw your area model or show how you solved each problem. Have your teacher check for completion and then get with a partner to check your answers using the QR codes.

2. Go to this link at practice multiplication. Take a screen shot when you have 10 correct.

3. Practice by completing the Practice sheet attached to your contract.

4. Go to Blackboard. Complete the Google Slides that I have assigned to you!

5. Complete the Double Digits Math sheet (Exit Ticket). This is attached to your contract.