AHS Volleyball News

New Clothes!!!!

Our store is up and running!!!!

Get Your Shopping On

Apparently the store has been up but the artwork wasn't quite right so I wasn't told. You can go here to order or cut and paste the following link address: http://www.alssportinggoods.net Afterwards, click on "Player Packs" and then find the link for Appo Volleyball. The maroon shirt is a pom pom shirt and will have "Appoquinimink" across the shoulders in white and "Jaguar Volleyball" underneath. We are working on an appropriate font for the wording. The wording on the legging will also be placed lower & on the side, not the front. The store will be up until September 15th.

Warm Up Shirt

Some of you may or may not have seen this shirt posted on Instagram the other day, and as a result you may not have told me that you wanted one. I accounted for that and ordered extras in a variety of sizes based on the responses/likes I got from players. I ordered sizes based on the information you filled out on the player information sheet and Summer League form. Enough shirts have been ordered for all of JV and Varsity to have one by their first game. A second order can be placed for those Freshmen who would like one who haven't told me already. That order should be in by their first game as well. The cost for this shirt is $20.
The vendor we're using for this order is completely different than the one our clothing order is going through. This vendor is quoting a turn around time of less than a week! This never happens, so prepare to be amazed. If things continue to go well with this vendor, we will probably go with them for our pink jerseys in October for Breast Cancer Awareness.

A Side Note

My apologies if you didn't see the shirt posted on Instagram. The required turn around time for the vendor to place the order and get it back to us by the first game of the season was quick...he needed numbers within hours. In the past we have had an issue with getting our clothing later than desired for a variety of issues. My intention was to get the girls to have Appo volleyball gear earlier in the season so they could have it sooner and wear it longer, not to leave anyone out.

UD Practice

Don't forget we have no practice on Saturday or Tuesday. This Tuesdays practice is canceled due to the UD practice on the same day at 3:30pm. Those of you going to UD, be sure to let me know either through email, RSVP, text or some other means so I can let their coaching staff know how many to expect.

Color Run Anyone?

Keep sharing info about our Color Run Fundraiser! Pass out flyers and share, share, share. The girls have been busy making posters to hang in the commons and they are pretty cool looking. Just a note: The price is $20 for AHS students, and $25 for outside persons. Also if you signup through our Eventbrite website the price is $25 no matter what and there is a service charge of about $2-3 depending on when you sign up. This is a fee Eventbrite charges and we have no control over it.

Contact Us

Follow me on Instagram @the_branderson to keep up to date on what's going on. This is going to be used strictly as an announcement tool, so there will be no follow backs. I know, poor Instagram manners. Email is still the fastest way to reach me. Let me know if you need anything.