Cyber Bullying

Help us prevent Cyber Bullying!

The problem

Cyber bullying is very different compared to in person bullying for these reasons:


  • The attackers, feel defended because they aren't actually face to face with who they are attacking.
  • The attacker is oblivious to the sort of long term damage they are causing because the mood cannot be sensed. Because of its faceless nature, there is often a perceived anonymity to cyberbullying. This can lead to people becoming involved in activities that they wouldn’t dream of in the real world, whether as the perpetrator or as a bystander
  • The potential size of the audience is much greater, upsetting messages or images can be spread at great speed, and there is difficulty in controlling and/or removing anything posted or circulated electronically.


  • 7 in 10 young people are victims of cyberbullying.
  • 37% of them are experiencing cyberbullying on a highly frequent basis.
  • 20% of young people are experiencing extreme cyberbullying on a daily basis.
  • Cyberbullying found to have catastrophic effects upon the self-esteem and social lives of up to 70% of young people.

Sources of Cyber Bullying

Facebook, Ask.FM, Twitter and Instagram were found to be the most likely sources of cyberbullying, being the highest in traffic of all social networks.

How we can help!

We decided that you should make an app that had links to helpful resources that people could access if they needed help. This app is going to have at least 6 different resources that could help victims of cyber bullying.

the action plan

  1. Gather information about Cyber bullying and how it effects teens and young adults.
  2. Find hotlines and websites that strive to prevent Cyber bullying.
  3. Contact that organization and ask if we have permission to use their resources in our app.
  4. Gather our Partners
  5. Contact an app specialist-(To help us create the app)
  6. Create the app with the resources.
  7. Publish the app to the app store.
  8. Advertise around our school, and other local businesses/schools.