Drum Me a Story

Want to know about our trip?

A fun show!

Everyone did a great job at the play. Here are some questions to ask your child, so you can find out about the performance.

Where were all the stories from? (West Africa)

Who was the main character in the story? (Anansi the Spider)

How do all the stories end up on Earth? Who had them first? (Anansi won them from the Sky God, by brining him three things he asked for. They were in a golden box)

Why did Anansi keep taking animals to the moss covered rock? (He knew, if they said the magic words, they would fall asleep and he could steal their food.)

Which animal was able to finally trick Anansi, and how did she get all the food back? (The shy bush deer tricked Anansi into saying the magic words and took the food back while he was sleeping).

How did the turtle get its shell? (It was the only animal that could get the drum from the leopard and the Sky God granted the turtle a wish).